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Why is “Up” getting such good reviews?

I like Pixar movies as much as anyone else, but Up simply isn’t that good. It’s not that witty, the storyline is pretty basic, and the characters are fairly simple. Much of the interaction between characters—especially in the middle of the movie—is dull. Up is a decent adventure movie with very good animation and cute-looking characters. I could see how this is appealing for children, but I don’t understand the logic behind the reviews praising this movie as excellent for people of all ages: It has a 98 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is currently number 16 (of all time!) on IMDB.  (Admittedly, new movies tend to get a boost, but this movie shouldn’t even be in the top 200.)

After the movie, I was a bit confused about what elicited the rave reviews. Stephanie Zacharek of Salon (one of the very few critics who wrote a negative review) helped me understand what sparked them in her claim: Continue reading

Taking Names…and Umbrage: “Against Insular Arrogance”

As you no doubt inferred, this is a response to Josh’s post.

Josh: boring, nothing-going-on-upstairs…Josh.

I take umbrage to your claim that fans of Arrested Development exhibit more insular arrogance than devotees of other television programs. Even Barry Zuckercorn–who’s very good, by the way–knows your evidence is anecdotal and wouldn’t even garner a favorable ruling in Mr. Reinhold’s Courtroom. There are just so many poorly chosen words in your argument, beginning and ending with “insular,” about as editorial a phrase as imaginable given the context (I, by the way, would suggest “justified” as a substitute). As it is, it appears you’ve prematurely shot your wad on what was supposed to be a dry run, if you will, so now you’re afraid you’ve got something of a mess on your hands. Oh, COME ON!

(For the record, was the Improv show held at a restaurant? Because, you know, it’s a restaurant.)

And that comedienne? Her? Perhaps she should take her “job” more seriously and spend the 17 2/3 hours it takes to catch up on the best comedy of the last decade. I promise it will make for lasting fun.

So, Josh, don’t make this another great day…for being sad. Suck it up like Tobias taking a chubby, and admit that you, like the authorities, had it wrong. Or are you chicken?