Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad













How exactly is this going to work? For those of you who haven’t heard, Lauren Conrad is leaving The Hills, a show in which she is basically the main character. In her place, MTV has gotten Conrad’s former Laguna Beach rival Kristin Cavallari to replace her.

Now, The Hills is not the first show to do this. In fact, there is a pretty standard template: write a new character similar enough to the departing character to fulfill the same basic role, but different enough to “stir the pot.” The Hills seems to basically be doing that here.

Except, there’s the added wrinkle of the fact that Max Lewis, Tori Scott and Valerie Malone are fictional characters and Kristin Cavallari is, to the best of my knowledge, real. Not only that, but, despite Cavallari’s protestations that the show is just “a job,” the “job” really just consists of going to work, hanging out with your friends, dating, and being filmed. Is Kristin going to assume Lauren’s life habits? Will she befriend Lo and Audrina? Start working at People’s Revolution? The show has already hinted that she will begin dating Justin.

It’s actually disturbing how easily they seem to handling this transition. It seems to imply that anyone can be replaced by his or her demographic equivalent.

My prediction: the show is underestimating Lauren’s role on the show and the ratings will suffer come Season 6.  

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  1. […] I’m on the record as loving The Hills and finding the show fascinating. But I get that I am in the minority in that opinion. That’s fine. Not everyone is going to find […]


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  3. […] and was replaced by her demographic equivalent, the show’s ratings dropped by 30%. As some notable and brilliant prognosticators pointed out back in June, Conrad—as a sympathetic and tranquil center to the show—was more important than people […]


  4. Posted by dillion harwood on June 9, 2010 at 2:03 PM

    your both sluts.


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