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Symposium: Objectively Good?

First of all, I’m putting a moratorium on discussing the quality (or lack thereof) of Saving Private Ryan, a movie NONE of us have evidently seen, and so none of us are really equipped to discuss.

Moving on, Josh concludes his discussion of the subject by saying, “I don’t pretend to know some objective equation for measuring a movie’s greatness, but I do maintain that it is possible to compare movies’ greatness on grounds other than taste.”

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You say it’s your birthday…?

When you were a child, do you remember the sense of exhilaration you used to feel the morning of your birthday? I was always extremely confused when my older relatives would express a lack of enthusiasm when their birthdays came around: “How could you not be thrilled??? It’s your birthday, Grandma!!!”

As people get older, their birthdays become less exciting. I think there are two main reasons for this: 1. There is a sense of wondrous pleasure that is much easier to induce in children than in adults (or as co-blogger John S. calls it “pure joy”). A birthday—a celebration of you—sparks this wondrous pleasure. This is not as easy to spark when we get older. 2. At a certain point, people simply do not enjoy getting older, especially women. Sure, at 9, it’s pretty cool to turn 10 (although, I didn’t quite get the fuss over double-digits at the time). However, most people do not have positive feelings toward age increases after 21, but the exact age at which this occurs depends on the individual and her circumstances. Regardless, youth is something that is cherished and each yearly increase in age reminds us that our youth is dissipating, or has dissipated entirely.
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