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The End of TV as We Know It…and Why it is Being Greeted as a Liberation

andy-samberg-tv-guide-coverSo I happened to stumble across a TV Guide from a few months ago with Andy Samberg on the cover. The headline was “The Future of TV” (I know, a cold chill just ran down my spine, too).

Actually, this is misleading. TV Guide actually ran two separate articles in this issue, one about Samberg and another about TV’s future. But the two ran right next to each other and the implication was clearly that Samberg, and his school of digital shorts, is the new wave.

Now, TV Guide is not exactly breaking new ground here. They are basically saying what a lot of people have been saying and thinking for a few years now: the future of television is on the internet, most people who watch TV now don’t do it the same way they used to, the new model is conducive to a new type of entertainment. The best examples of that new type of entertainment, it seems, are “Dick in a Box” and “Lazy Sunday” (I refuse to link to the former). Continue reading