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The Original Pizzeria Uno: A Review

pizza 1

This week the NPI crew, the Lawgorrhea crew, and a Chicago native ventured to the original Pizzeria Uno to try Chicago deep dish pizza. Let me start by saying, as a native New Yorker who is very proud of his state’s culinary accomplishments, I’ve always been skeptical of the deep dish as competition to New York Pizza. Here are some notes, some of which may cover deep dish more generally and some of which may be specific to Uno. Continue reading

Al Roker is Not Bob Woodward

Some things to consider when watching this video:

—Today’s network, NBC, just happens to be the same network that airs I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

—Al Roker was not forced at gunpoint to interview Spencer and Heidi.

—The exploits of Speidi have been by far the most discussed aspect of I’m a Celebrity...

Continue reading