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Don’t Throw Twitter Down the….

There is a lot of good scholarship out there on the history of invention and technology. What is not as well documented, however, is the history of peoples’ reactions to technology. If recent history is any indication, this is how certain technological developments were greeted:

The wheel? God, your generation just doesn’t know the art of carrying heavy loads across long terrains.

Why would anyone ever need a phone? What do you need to say to someone who isn’t there? Don’t you have more important things to do?

How big of an ego do you have to actually own a car? What do you need to do that can’t be accomplished on foot?

Twitter is the latest luddite lightning rod. People don’t really understand Twitter: What is it for? Why do you need to know what other people are doing CONSTANTLY? What can you say in 140 characters? Continue reading

What to Eat in NYC

New York City (NYC) has a lot of really good food: So much good food that it is very difficult to decide where and what to eat when in the city. The question I pose here is this: If someone is in New York City for the first and only time for a day and can eat three foods/meals what should they eat? Before moving on let’s put forward two assumptions about this person to make my job a bit easier: 1. He has a very diverse palate and is willing to eat foods of most cuisine. 2. He is well-traveled and intends to continue traveling and dining in other cities.
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