Fun Times at Malibu Sands

So “The N” has been running the “Malibu Sands” episodes of Saved by the Bell for the last few days. For those of you who don’t remember (shame on you), Malibu Sands was the beach club where the gang worked the summer after their junior year. Some thoughts upon re-watching:

—First of all, the entire “Malibu Sands” stretch—and therefore the entire Zack Morris-Stacey Carosi relationship—is only SIX episodes long. I’d always remembered it as much more epic than that.

—Speaking of Stacey Carosi, how old is she supposed to be? We know the supposed ages of the high school students, but she has a boyfriend in college and a pretty high-ranking job at the resort…granted a lot of that was Leon Carosi’s nepotism, but still. She has quite the air of authority for a high school student.

—Is there any sport worse to stage a rivalry around than volleyball? In “The Game,” Malibu Sands plays another beach club in a big game of volleyball. The gang goes through the trouble of getting a ringer for the game—Leon even bets $500 on it. But I can’t really imagine spectators really caring about a game of volleyball.

—Fucking Craig Strand. He might be the worst of Zack’s romantic rivals. That’s right, even worse than Jeff. First of all, he goes to Yale. Second of all, he is not only in a fraternity, but wants to give his “fraternity pin” to Stacey in some sort of cultish ceremony in which he recites a pretty terrible poem. And worst of all, he cheats at the ATV race…. If ATV races aren’t sacred, what is?

—Now, eight year old John S would think this next point was utter blasphemy, but it has to be raised. Watching the Zack/Stacey relationship progress and just witnessing their chemistry, plus remembering the great relationship he had with Tori, the question has to be asked: were Zack and Kelly really right for each other? Now granted a lot of people obviously have a lot invested in this relationship, but I’m not sure they were meant to be together forever.

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