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The Thank You Note

I recently had a party in my honor. Such parties are fun.

But the aftermath of those parties is frequently not. And as much of a drag as cleaning up can be, nothing is as draining as the Thank You Note.

Whoever came up with the Thank You Note was likely a well-meaning guy (or girl). He was probably genuinely grateful for whatever he received, and was able to articulate that gratitude without coming off as trite or clichéd or disingenuous. But even when I am actually thankful, I still find the Thank You Notes I write reeking of insincerity—the verbal equivalent of a forced, patronizing smile.

The first Thank You Note I wrote seemed completely genuine when I wrote it. But when I read it afterward, it rang hollow:

“Thank you so much for your generous gift and for coming to my party. It was great to see you again!”

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