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A Rare Internship Opportunity

Talk to anybody about internships and they’ll tell you the same thing: There are plenty of good internships out there where you can do more than just sit around making copies or bringing people coffee.

But here’s what they won’t tell you: There are surprisingly few internships where you actually get to sit around making copies and bringing people coffee. I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty much the ideal internship for me. You get paid to just… well, you know, sit around making copies and bringing people coffee. Have you ever made a copy? Have you ever brought someone coffee? If so, you know how easy it is. If you haven’t, just think about it. Does it seem hard? Trust your instincts, it’s not hard at all. And for those of you who have done those things, you probably didn’t get paid for it, right? Well, now all that can change.

Anyone interested in interning for me–you’ll just be making copies and bringing me coffee–can post their application below. Wages are negotiable, unless you’re a terrorist, because I don’t negotiate with terrorists.*

*All terrorists will make $7.75 an hour. End of story.

I Think My Logic Is Beyond Reproach

First off, John, thanks for pointing out that you’re kind of a contrarian. Based on your posts earlier this week that attacked typical American villains in Atticus Finch and checks and balances, I was afraid you were going too mainstream. I was waiting for your next post: “How To Strangle Puppies.”*

*With special co-blogger… that’s too easy.

Second, it is interesting to note, as I did oh so long ago, that it’s far easier to hold the stance you do—that some things’ greatness is ineffable—when those things are considered great by the general populace. It’s not often that one really challenges you on your love for The Beatles, Dylan, Shakespeare, The Godfather, or The Wire. They are all part of the cultural canon by now, perceived as the best of the best. (It’s also notable that another work of culture that you once explained in your typical terse “You just don’t get it” manner, Rihanna’s “Umbrella,” didn’t make this list; maybe because it’s not considered part of the canon, and you know how ludicrous it sounds now to claim that the song is great because it just is.)

The point is it’s a lot harder to say these things about less beloved artists; someone along the lines of, oh I don’t know, Barenaked Ladies. Individuals with non-conformist tastes are forced to defend them far more often; how many times have you or Josh condemned my preference for BnL? And how many times have you been condemned for your disbelief in God?

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