The Return of The Hills

The Hills KristinThe appeal of The Hills has always been its delicate balance of a few very key contradictions: the show is “real life” but quite obviously staged, these characters are on a very successful and invasive TV show that they can never explicitly acknowledge, the people on the show constantly talk about how much is going on in their lives while nothing actually happens on the show, and they all have to lead very dramatic lives while simultaneously professing a deep aversion to said “drama.”

The introduction of Kristin Cavallari, though, threatens to throw this symbiosis all out of whack.

In last night’s season premiere (called “It’s On, Bitch,” except MTV didn’t punctuate it, so it read as if something was on top of “bitch”), Kristin was treated as if her reputation preceded her like Winston Wolf, except instead of solving problems, she steals boyfriends. And in short order she starts pursuing Audrina’s ex, Justin Bobby.

Except Kristin’s reputation is repeated so often by so many characters that they sound as if they were reading MTV Production Notes (particularly Stephanie, who says both “This is the girl that’s going to stab us all in the back!” and “How is it possible that one girl can turn all of our lives upside down?”). Also, the only reason Kristin is pursuing Justin, as she more or less admits, is to cause drama and upset Audrina, which A) violates the rule that all characters must profess a “no drama” ethos; and B) highlights how forced Kristin’s inclusion is. She’s not actually friends with anyone on the show, as both she and Lo make clear at various points during the episode, which makes any interaction she has with the rest of the cast seem manipulated and contrived (even more so than usual).

It’s early, but I, again, do not think this “Lauren-for-Kristin” thing is going to work out.

But the show still has the Pratt Family, which is as good of a reason to watch as any. Here are some great moments in Spencer from last night’s episode: 

  • Spencer, describing his new house to Heidi: “It’s the suburbs, but with a little more attitude.”
  • Heidi: “I just think this house is too cold and modern and not at all what I want”            Spencer: “I’m going to have to agree to disagree.”
  • Heidi: “It doesn’t matter what anyone else wants, because it’s your way or the highway”  Spencer: “It’s my way or the lame way.”            

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