Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins, Week 2 Power Rankings

TJ Lavin“I’ve never been under so much pressure. It’s time for me to take my stake in Real World/Road Rules Challenge history and beat Wes.”—Nick

“I don’t really think there’s a place for giving up in this game. I really am disappointed.…I guess Evelyn had hatred in her heart that’s deeper than her need for winning”—TJ Lavin

So I guess putting Evelyn at #2 last week looks rather dumb, but I don’t think it’s fair to hold it against me. How was I supposed to know she would essentially forfeit by walking off the platform of the glorified tug-of-war elimination?

The Ruins makes people do crazy things. Evelyn couldn’t decide if she wanted to forfeit or beat Kelly Anne, which led to a very odd spectacle. Kelly Anne was pulling with all her might, and Evelyn just sort of stood there contemplating. In the best of five series, she twice half-heartedly pulled Kelly Anne off her platform, and three times ended up walking off under her own power. I think this should actually reinforce my high ranking of her: The only way Evelyn goes home is if she decides to go home.

On the other side of the coin, Nick had his work cut out for him against Wes. On the same night that Alex Rodriguez ended his streak of 18 hitless postseason at bats with runners in scoring position, it was Nick from The Real World who was the athlete who most felt the weight of history on him. Everyone, Champions and Challengers alike, wanted Nick to send Wes home, but he couldn’t rise to the occasion; Wes won easily—or, as Wes put it, he won “with assertion.”

When teams on RW/RR Challenges try to scheme like the Challengers did tonight, they end up operating like a drunk Machiavelli. The Challengers’ plan to punish their rogue teammate Wes by going after his girlfriend Kelly Anne backfired in a big way. For one, it just made Wes angrier and more petulant, after he had offered the team a quasi-surrender. On top of that, the Champions lost their best female competitor, as their attempt to force Evelyn into the elimination against her best friend, Kelly Anne, pissed her off so much that she ended up forfeiting,* much to TJ Lavin’s chagrin (incidentally, I don’t remember Lavin ever scolding a player like that for throwing an elimination).

*I’m also glad Evelyn didn’t stick around just to throw challenges with Wes, both because allying with Wes is, as Evan said, like “going to the dark side” and because attempts to “throw challenges” are silly and often futile.

This was all, of course, merely a prelude to maybe the most outlandish thing to happen on this show (if it was serious): Johanna’s threat to sell Wes’ house if he throws the final mission. First of all, don’t sell now, Johanna, it’s a buyer’s market! Second of all, how did Johanna get her name on the deed of what they both referred to as “Wes’ house”? Was their whole engagement just a ruse?

And now, the Week 2 Power Rankings:

Eliminated: Nick (Challenger), Evelyn (Champion)

Nick is eliminated early for the second time in a row, and Evelyn’s ambivalence about forfeiting, even after realizing she had been manipulated by Johnny and Evan, shows just how competitive she is.

Eliminated Due to Injury: Shauvon (Challenger)

We’re not even going to talk about this disgusting injury.

On the Chopping Block: Ibis (Champion), Brianna (Challenger), Sarah (Challenger), Kimberly (Challenger), Cohutta (Challenger)

All of these competitors need to prove that they are somehow valuable to their team and/or will be competitive in an elimination.

The Albatross Free Pass: Casey (Challenger), Tonya (Champion), Katie (Champion)

Every year, at least one girl gets to the end because the other team thinks she’s such a bad competitor, that they don’t want to eliminate her. With Shauvon gone, Casey is that girl for the Challengers. The Champion girls are slightly less safe, because the Challengers aren’t picking who goes into elimination until they win a challenge.

Getting By on “Leadership” Points: Adam (Challenger), Syrus (Champion)

Both of these guys have been around a while, so they have the respect of teammates for now, but eventually their limited skill as competitors will be revealed.

Will Be Around as Long as Someone is Trying to Sleep With Them: Susie (Champion), Veronica (Champion)

Getting By on Perception: Kelly Anne (Challenger)

Now that Evelyn’s gone, Kelly Anne will likely be perceived as the “best girl.” This perception won’t be based on anything, but it will make Champion girls scared to face her in an elimination,

The Top Ten:

10. Johnny (Champion): Down two spots because he’s already started rubbing people the wrong way and he, according to Wes, “hit a girl.”

9. Wes (Champion): I hate doing it, but two elimination wins warrant a place in the top ten.

8. Danny (Challenger): Makes it into the top ten for his impressive one-armed catch of Casey.

7. Johanna (Champion): I can’t decide if her real-estate subterfuge threat is brilliantly devious or just mean.

6. Darrell (Champion): I don’t think he said anything in last night’s episode.

5. Dunbar (Challenger): He probably has the best shot at sending Wes home.

4. Derrick (Champion): Poor Derrick was forced into the position of having to vote Kelly Anne in against Evelyn’s wishes, and unleashing the wrath of Evelyn and the insanity of Wes.

3. Kenny (Champion): Watching him mug at the camera during the Wes/Evelyn tirade was one of last night’s episode’s great moments.

2. Brad (Challenger): He leapfrogs Kenny because the Champions are most likely going to get to pick who they go into elimination against, and I doubt any of them will pick the experienced Brad.

1. Evan (Champion): The king stay the king.

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  1. Posted by James Schneider on October 14, 2009 at 2:27 PM



  2. Posted by Kriss Kross on October 30, 2009 at 12:18 AM

    ‘The only way Evelyn goes home is if she decides to go home.”

    So funny and so true. All the girls on the Champion team should count their lucky stars that Evelyn went home. If Kelly Ann wins, I think she should split some of the winnings with Evelyn. Although, I am sad that Evelyn left.


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  5. […] and KellyAnne, who were so close during the final challenge. Apparently, Sarah was on board with the early plan to help the Champions send KellyAnne home, and KellyAnne understandably bears her some resentment for this. And while KellyAnne understands […]


  6. […] so TJ Lavin really doesn’t like Evelyn. After calling her out for throwing a challenge back in The Ruins, Lavin called Evelyn a four-year-old last night for the tantrum she threw after losing the Exile. […]


  7. […] week and was put into a medically induced coma. Lavin’s been showing positive signs recently, and we know he’s no quitter, so there’s reason to be optimistic. Let’s hope he pulls through, because I can’t imagine a […]


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