Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins, Week 3 Power Rankings

The Ruins

“I’m a strong girl, period. Even if I’m a rookie…I’ve come through in every challenge.”


Here’s why we need these Power Rankings: People on these challenges have no idea how to evaluate their own performances. Wes is convinced that he’s God’s gift to these challenges, I guess because he won The Duel three years ago. But he hasn’t proved that he’s a better competitor than Evan or Johnny or Kenny; his reputation mainly comes from yelling about his own prowess.

Brianna was under similar delusions in last night’s episode: She kept insisting that she was a great competitor, even though this is her first challenge. Her evidence: She had “come through in every challenge.” Well, here’s what the challenge in tonight’s episode involved: lying down. If you can lie face down and let someone walk on your back, then you can do what Brianna did. A carcass can do what Brianna did. The previous challenges haven’t really demanded much more from her. Not at all surprisingly, Brianna lost to Susie in the elimination.

The truth is, there is something of a power-vacuum in these challenges. I still insist that Evan is the top dog, but he’s a relatively weak one; he hasn’t performed exceptionally well in the challenges (mainly because the challenges have been so poorly designed and prevented anyone from demonstrating their own skill), and he hasn’t effectively handled the alliances. He still hasn’t completely pacified Wes, and he left Veronica out to dry last night.

Nobody has yet proved to be the kind of dominant and intimidating player that Landon was in The Duel 2 and C.T., Alton, and The Miz were in recent challenges. These guys would occasionally volunteer for eliminations in order to save teammates because they knew they couldn’t be beaten. Wes probably thinks that about himself, but he’s been so bent on throwing challenges and whining that nobody considers him indispensable.

Anyway, here’s how they really stack up:

Eliminated: Brianna (Challenger), Adam (Challenger)

At this rate, the Challengers might run out of players before the season ends.

Chopping Block: Casey (Challenger), Sarah (Challenger), Tonya (Champion)

All of these players have little chance of winning an elimination, and their teams would probably benefit from them being sent home. Casey seemed visibly terrified of the possibility of going into the Ruins.

Targets On Their Backs: Kelly Anne (Challenger), Syrus (Champion)

Syrus pointed this out himself: These two players have bigger banks than their teammates, meaning the reward for knocking them out is higher than normal. Both of them are probably considered vulnerable. Susie also has a big bank, but she’s undefeated, so I doubt anyone will call her out.

Depending on the Kindness of Strangers: Kimberly (Challenger), Cohutta (Challenger), Veronica (Champion), Ibis (Champion), Katie (Champion), Derrick (Champion)

This group is hoping that being well-liked is enough to keep them out of elimination. Derrick is only on this list after a brief screw-up cost his team the challenge.

The Top Ten:

10. Johanna (Champion, -3): She’s emerging as a team leader, for some reason, but she’s not good enough to be considered untouchable.

9. Darrell (Champion, -3): I’m really just punishing him for being inconspicuous again.

8. Susie (Champion, NEW): The new favorite to be irrationally considered “the best girl”!

7. Danny (Challenger, +1): With Adam eliminated, he moves up a notch on the “leader” totem pole.

6. Johnny (Champion, +4): A big bump for being receptive to compromising with Wes and being included by Evan in his alliance.

5. Dunbar (Challenger, —): Still a potentially good competitor, but he was noticeably absent from the Challenger triumvirate tonight (Adam, Brad, Danny).

4. Wes (Champion, +5): He has an unstable peace with the rest of his team for now, which he attributes to his brilliant ruse of claiming that he is going to GIVE HIS WINNINGS TO CHARITY. Which raises a lot of interesting questions: Which charity? Is there a more ignoble way for this charity to get money?

3 Kenny (Champion, —): He knows not to trust Wes, but he also knows to go along with this alliance. He’s like Stalin.

2. Brad (Challenger, —): Still the leader of the Challenger team.

1. Evan (Champion, —): Still top-dog.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by James Schneider on October 16, 2009 at 5:00 PM



  2. Posted by Kriss Kross on October 30, 2009 at 12:45 AM

    Wes “…hasn’t proved that he’s a better competitor than Evan or Johnny or Kenny; his reputation mainly comes from yelling about his own prowess.”

    I guess you have not watched Wes’ first RW/RR challenge. Here goes a super brief overview: First, Wes was paired with Casey whom he literally carrier throughout the challenge, second he was sent into the duel EVERYTIME w/Casey, and third, with all this working against him, he still managed to get third place. He competed extremely well and won the grand prize in his 2nd RW/RR challenge.

    Johnny did not make it pass the first duel in his first two challenges. Wes competes very well.
    Kenny is alright.
    Evan is top.

    I enjoy your blogs on the RW/RR challenges.


    • Posted by John S on October 30, 2009 at 1:23 PM

      Yeah, I’d seen Wes’ performance on the Fresh Meat challenge, but forgotten that he was paired with Casey, which makes his performance all the more impressive. If my memory serves me, there were times where he had to physically drag her through the challenge. Even so, I don’t think Wes’ dominance is as clear-cut as he would have us believe. The fact that he does his best to make sure everyone hates him means he was sent into the elimination 3 times before Evan, Kenny or Johnny had been sent even once; Wes isn’t invincible in eliminations, as previous players like Alton or C.T. have seemed, as his lost to Cohutta proves.

      Still, though, I have to say I was warming up to Wes by the time he was sent home. He seemed more self-aware than I’d given him credit for. Nevertheless, I was happy to see him lose him to The Accent.


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