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Unabated to the QB, Week 6: The Super BCS!

It’s every college football fan’s favorite week of the year: BCS Standings Release Week! In honor of the best part of college football, I put together my projection of the Super Bowl Championship Series. We can only dream that someday, this will be how the championship is determined.

Super Bowl Championship Series

1. New Orleans Saints

The Saints leapfrogged the idle Colts in both polls with their dismantling of the Giants on Sunday. All eyes are now on New Orleans’ divisional showdown with Atlanta a week from Monday.

2. Indianapolis Colts

It was a bad week for Peyton Manning and Co., who not only saw the Saints jump over them in their polls but now also have to worry about their divisional schedule strength. Tennessee’s 59-0 loss in New England and the continued unpredictability of Houston and Jacksonville mean Indy might not be able to survive a division loss.

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Against Chivalry

The thesis of this post is simple: Chivalry is bad. I think it is more praiseworthy to be extra courteous to others based on their attractiveness than based on their gender.*

*Don’t worry: I will try to justify this in a bit.

While riding a public bus for nearly every day of the past few weeks, I’ve been able to get a good sense of the bus dynamic. It is common that I’ll witness a man offering his seat up to a woman his age.* I understand offering your seat to a pregnant woman, an individual with a disability, or a senior citizen. I’ve done so myself. The cost to them of standing is vastly higher than the cost to you (assuming that my sense of the NPI demographic is fairly accurate); the benefit you get from sitting certainly doesn’t override the pain they are going through.

*I probably shouldn’t even use the term “woman” and “man” here: The vast majority of these bus riders are students or faculty no older than forty years old.
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