Unabated to the QB, Week 6: The Super BCS!

It’s every college football fan’s favorite week of the year: BCS Standings Release Week! In honor of the best part of college football, I put together my projection of the Super Bowl Championship Series. We can only dream that someday, this will be how the championship is determined.

Super Bowl Championship Series

1. New Orleans Saints

The Saints leapfrogged the idle Colts in both polls with their dismantling of the Giants on Sunday. All eyes are now on New Orleans’ divisional showdown with Atlanta a week from Monday.

2. Indianapolis Colts

It was a bad week for Peyton Manning and Co., who not only saw the Saints jump over them in their polls but now also have to worry about their divisional schedule strength. Tennessee’s 59-0 loss in New England and the continued unpredictability of Houston and Jacksonville mean Indy might not be able to survive a division loss.

3. Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota falls behind New Orleans in the Coaches’ Poll and its lead over the Broncos is also slipping. A big road win—say, in Pittsburgh this week?—could put the Vikings in the top two.

4. Denver Broncos

The Broncos are still trying to overcome their low preseason rankings, as the Coaches still have the Giants ranked ahead of them. We’re not sure how much Denver can do to change this, having already won their toughest divisional game at San Diego.

5. New York Giants

The former No. 2 was shellacked at the Superdome, leading to long-term questions regarding their viability as a title contender. The Giants have their chances to make a move up over the next few weeks, with games against Arizona, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and San Diego.

The rest of the Top 10:

6. Pittsburgh Steelers

7. New England Patriots

8. Atlanta Falcons

9. Chicago Bears

10. Cincinnati Bengals

  • Jets Bash of the Week: Let’s just say the title of the whole post could have been: “How Bad Is Mark Sanchez?”
  • Chiefs Plug of the Week: Way to go, KC! Not only did you register your first win of the season, but you got revenge on your former backup quarterback by handing Todd Collins his first loss since December 14, 1997. (Seriously, Sunday was the first regular-season game in which Collins had thrown a pass and his team lost in nearly 12 years.)
  • I’m not gonna say a lot about that travesty at the Superdome on Sunday, except for this: It sure is great to have Domenik Hixon back returning kicks.
  • Fine, and this is going to sound like a rationalization, but whatever: When you play three high school teams in a row, it doesn’t matter what your preparation is: You’re not going to be ready to play a professional team. And the Giants were clearly not ready for a professional team.
  • Can Drew Brees get hurt? I don’t really want to see him in the playoffs. After all, this is what he’s done in three career games against Big Blue: 55-84, 692 yards, 7 TD, 0 INT, 118.7 rating, 3 wins. The scores of those games were 45-23, 30-10, and 48-27. So Sunday was par for the course.
  • Carolina won on the road against division foe Tampa Bay on Sunday. This is worth mentioning because last season, the road team in an NFC South matchup went 1-11. They are 1-1 this year so far.
  • Crazy stat I came across researching the above: From 2005-2007, the Panthers went 9-0 against NFC South teams on the road. This isn’t that weird, until you realize that Carolina didn’t win the division in any of those years! They didn’t lose a division road game and still never won the division. That’s crazy!
  • I’m really excited for the next time the Titans play the Patriots. I expect retribution from Jeff Fisher.
  • In their last two games played in the snow, the Patriots have outscored the opposition 106-7. The opposition was the eventual NFC champion and a team one year removed from the AFC’s top seed.
  • The problem with the Jets is obvious: Braylon Edwards is a clubhouse cancer. Dude’s lost his last 12 games.
  • As much as the Jets are beginning to vindicate my preseason doubts about them, I didn’t want to see the Bills win that in overtime. That’s because during the coin toss, I told my dad, “I’m calling it now: This game will end in a tie.” I just needed 2:48 more of scoreless football.
  • I’m calling it now: The Broncos will be the worst 16-0 team in NFL history.
  • Well Cincinnati, it was fun while it lasted, right? You may now proceed to your 7-9 season.
  • This week’s Oh, What Could Have Been Game of the Week is clearly New Orleans v. Miami. Remember when the Dolphins decided Daunte Culpepper was better than Drew Brees? Drew may remind them that that was a bad decision this week.
  • This week’s Vengeance Game: Eagles’ LB Jeremiah Trotter returns to Washington, where he spent what could only be described as two very mediocre seasons, sandwiched by multiple Pro Bowl appearances for the Eagles.

Prior to the Week 7 Snap, with comments!

Last Week: 5-9

This Season: 31-44*

*Yeah, the comments are my attempt to justify this hideous record.

KANSAS CITY (+4.5) over San Diego

They won’t win, but KC played the Chargers close at Arrowhead, and the gap between the two is smaller this year.

Indianapolis (-13) over ST. LOUIS

I’d lay the Colts if this were 23.

Chicago (+1.5) over CINCINNATI (outright)

Loss of Antwan Odom hurts Cincy more than the loss to the Texans.

Green Bay (-7) over CLEVELAND

Minnesota (+4.5) over PITTSBURGH

Surprised the line’s this high. I don’t really like either team, and I think it’s a field goal game.

New England (-14.5) over Tampa Bay (in London)

Can’t make this line high enough.

San Francisco (+3) over HOUSTON

I don’t know what to think about these teams or this game. So, sure, I’ll take the points in the Bush Bowl Rematch.

OAKLAND (+6.5) over NY Jets

Jets will win but play this game too close to the vest to win by much.

Buffalo (+7.5) over CAROLINA

The Panthers aren’t seven points better than anyone. But how do you bounce back from an 0-3 start? Play the Redskins, Bucs, and Bills!

MIAMI (+6.5) over New Orleans

Very interested to see how the Saints respond after last week. Miami can control the ball and limit Brees’ opportunities. I think it’s a very tight game.

Atlanta (+4) over DALLAS (outright)

The Falcons are just a better team.

NY GIANTS (-7) over Arizona

Don’t expect my Giants to play that badly two weeks in a row. If this were in AZ, I’d be more worried.

Philadelphia (-7) over WASHINGTON

The Eagles can score 13 points; thus, they’ll cover.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Just stumbled here randomly and really enjoy your BCS-like take on the NFL. My only quibble is that I’d flip flop New England and Pittsburgh, but other than that you’ve got it down. Also, nice pull on the Carolina state from ’05 to ’07.

    I’m a little surprised that I haven’t seen anyone mention the fact that last weekend the Patriots outscored the Rams’ entire season, 59 to 54. Going into week seven, that’s got to be a record of some kind… doesn’t it?


    • Posted by Tim on October 24, 2009 at 12:23 AM

      The Steelers, like Florida, get the benefit of the doubt as the defending champs. And yeah, I missed that note on the Rams’ scoring woes. Tom Brady threw for as many TDs in the second quarter as the Rams have scored all season on offense. Not quite the same team they were at the turn of the last decade.


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