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Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins, Week 4 Power Rankings

Tonya“Veronica’s got blood on her mouth; Tonya’s on the floor crying her eyes out, and everyone’s just standing around like, ‘Wow, I guess we should have stopped this sooner.’” —Cohutta

“Me and Evan are running this game. Everyone feels that we’re just a bunch of chauvinistic pigs. But there comes a time when someone comes to you and says, ‘I can’t swim. I can’t run.’ What are we supposed to do with you? I mean, you’re completely worthless to anyone. Why would we want you here?”—Kenny

A lot happened in last night’s episode of The Ruins. In many ways, it was a turning point.

For one, the Champions took two great strides in the “trimming the fat” stage of competition. The first step was losing Tonya, who slapped Veronica for calling her “insane.” Since the show is, unfortunately, only an hour long, the viewers got no context for Tonya’s sudden maelstrom against Veronica; it seemed that, without provocation at all, Tonya was declaring that she’s “never hated anyone as much as [she] hates Veronica.” Continue reading