Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins, Week 6 Power Rankings

Derrick Real World Ruins

Veronica: You’re a coward.

Derrick: I’d be a coward if I weren’t standing up for something I believed in!

Veronica: You believe in me going up against KellyAnne?

Derrick: …Sure.

“It seems pretty simple to me—if a man’s got a real good shimmy about him, then he can win”—Cohutta

First, we ought to talk about the shimmy that Cohutta has about him, as he won his second straight elimination in even more exciting fashion. This time, he beat Syrus in a rather impressive come-from-behind win.

The elimination, which involved “shimmying” across a pole with your hands and feet locked in karabiners, seemed ideally suited to the agile Cohutta, but Syrus jumped out to a huge early lead. When it came time to unlock these karabiners, however, Syrus struggled, not realizing—as Johnny tried to point out—that you only needed to unlock one, at which point you could just pull the rope over the pole. Cohutta overtook him, and sent Syrus home, gaining the biggest bank account in the game in the process.

On the girls’ side, though, Veronica could not pull another miracle, and had to go into The Ruins against KellyAnne this time. KellyAnne, finally competing against someone who was trying, defeated Veronica rather easily.

Veronica was right, though, to call Derrick a coward. With fewer players, it’s becoming easier for the Evan-Kenny-Johanna-Susie alliance to exert influence. But that’s really only because a player like Derrick so passively goes along with their suggestions. Derrick knows that players going into an elimination ought to get to pick their opponents, but he is so afraid of alienating his teammates that he refused to let Veronica go against Sarah.

The same thing was at work when Johnny hatched his gutless scheme to send Syrus into The Ruins by claiming that Syrus had “injuries he was hiding.” Once again, rather than make waves in the game by insisting that Johnny go in when it was his turn, Derrick went along with plan.

If players like Derrick (and, really, Syrus has been guilty of this at times as well) and Darrell didn’t just go with the program, then it would be much harder for players like Evan and Johnny to control the game like they do. I get that often the best way to survive and advance in these games is to not make waves, but eventually the sneakiness is going to turn on you, as it turned on Syrus tonight.

But stop! It’s Ranking Time:

Eliminated: Syrus (Champion) Veronica (Champion)

The Challengers are on quite the winning streak in The Ruins now. And thanks to this game’s “individual bank account” rules, some of them may end up with a large chunk of money in the end.

On the Chopping Block: Casey (Challenger) Sarah (Challenger) Susie (Champion) Johanna (Champion)

For the Challengers, the game becomes more about trying to dump Casey before the final challenge than anything else now. Both Champion girls have to be considered “on the chopping block” now, since there are only two of them left.

The Top Ten:

10. Derrick (Champion, -2): Cowards may crack my Top Ten, but they don’t make it high.

9. Kimberly (Challenger, -3): As I suspected, she was immune this week. But next time she’ll be vulnerable again.

8. Johnny (Champion, NEW): I was wrong about him getting sent home last night, but I still think he’s on thin ice. That fight with Derrick brought out some ill will towards him.

7. Darrell (Champion,-2): I honestly never have any clue how to rank him; he’s not part of the key Champions alliance, but he’s never considered for elimination and he seems like a strong competitor. Plus, he’s a boxer, apparently.

6. Cohutta (Challenger, +4): The man’s got a real good shimmy to him, huh? Makes you wonder if people will think twice before calling him out now, even if he does have the biggest bank account.

5. KellyAnne (Challenger, +2): She’ll be immune next week after going into The Ruins last night. Plus, she has now earned her reputation as a strong girl.

4. Dunbar (Challenger, —): I didn’t really like Dunbar on Real World: Sydney (probably because everyone pales when compared to Isaac), but I’m warming up to him on The Ruins.

3. Brad (Challenger, —): Still a leader, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up in The Ruins next week.

2. Kenny (Champion, —): He wasn’t really in this episode much. He was missed.

1. Evan (Champion, —): Some chinks are starting to show in his armor; discussing strategy while non-alliance members are in the room is a rookie mistake.


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  1. Posted by James Schneider on November 5, 2009 at 10:43 PM

    kenny>evan “chink” #1 on the power rankings….how come evans quote about Veronica was nowhere to be seen?


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