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On To-Do Lists

Recently, Slate’s John Dickerson solicited readers’ advice in how to most effectively and efficiently follow a to-do list. I did not send in my own counsel regarding to-do lists, reproduced below.

1. Every night, write down everything that you can conceivably accomplish the next day in a large, ringed notebook kept on your nightstand. Included on this list should be basic human activities, such as “Wake Up” and “Shower,” and simple tasks, like “Tomorrow’s To-Do List.” In-between, be ambitious. The last thing you want is to finish your to-do list early, so don’t be afraid to include both “Finish Dostoevsky novel” AND “War and Peace, Volumes I-II.”

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The Top 173 Things in History: #111. Armistice Day

I will admit that I am liable to overstate things in these History posts: calling the Hyksos the inventors of war, hypothesizing that Sweden was a Charles XII compromise away from becoming the secondary European power of the 18th century, and outright stating that November 9, 1989 was the best day of David Hasselhoff’s life.

Here’s another one for you: November 11, 1918—the date of ceasefire in World War I—was the best day of the 20th century.*

*Germans excepted.

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