The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins, Week 7 Power Rankings

Darrell Real World

“Sarah won. I’m glad we have someone that motivated and excited to be here on our team. God knows the rest of us want to shoot ourselves in the face.”—Dunbar

“Every time I win, I keep stacking the salad.”—Cohutta

Unfortunately, Cohutta’s salad is no more.* His massive bank account of over $18,000 was targeted by Darrell, who seemed unflappable in the elimination. Last week, we found out that he was a boxer, and now it’s revealed that he’s a personal trainer as well. It’s not all that surprising, then, that he was so calm while suspended above a tank of water holding 40 pounds of weights.

*Seriously, though, how cool are that guy’s idioms? Last week he talked about what kind of “shimmy” he had. This week he referred to money as “salad” multiple times. God, I’ll miss him. He added a whole new reason to watch the show.

It was more surprising, however, that Sarah was also so calm and collected. She hardly flinched while Johanna struggled to stay above the water and finally succumbed to the pressure. So now the teams remain technically even, if very lopsided in the boy/girl ratio.

Each team now has six players, but they are in completely different scenarios. The Champions have five guys and Susie, while the Challengers have two guys, three girls and Casey. It was unfair of Brad to call Casey out like he did for “not giving her A game,” but his frustration is warranted. There’s no evidence to suggest that Casey is not giving her best, but there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that Casey is just a very, very bad competitor. Is that her fault? Not really. We’re not all blessed with “natural”* strength and speed of all these competitors. But should Brad just carry Casey’s dead weight throughout the competition? No.

*At least the players on these challenges seem more open about PED use than baseball players.

There is really only one logical outcome now: Susie should start to throw the challenges. She is the only remaining girl, so she has to go into the Ruins now. The only variable is who she goes up against. Sarah, Kimberly and KellyAnne have all won at least once in the Ruins. On the other hand, Casey probably wouldn’t be the favorite against several inanimate objects. And while the Champions won’t send Casey into the Ruins, the Challengers would be all too eager to part with her. So if Susie throws the challenge, she gets the opponent she wants—since the Challengers would have the pick—in the Ruins and the Challengers can try to dump their albatross.

While this makes perfect sense, I doubt it happens. For one, not every challenge is throwable (although this week’s would have been perfect), as Wes found out in Week 1. Also, throwing challenges and eliminations brings on a severe scolding from TJ Lavin, and I don’t think Susie wants to deal with that. Mainly, though, throwing challenges is like giving up, even if it’s the most sensible option for a player.

Now I’m bobbing my head like yeah, ranking the teams like yeah…:

Eliminated: Cohutta (Challenger) Johanna (Champion)

I don’t want to imply that Johanna and Wes are meant to be together, but it’s awfully suspicious that she can’t get her head in the game once Wes goes home.

On the Chopping Block: Kimberly (Challenger) Susie (Champion)

Susie’s the only girl left on her side, and Kim’s the weakest girl not named Casey.

The Top Ten:

10. Casey (Challenger, NEW): I just don’t think the Challengers will be able to dump her before the final challenge.

9. Derrick (Champion, +1): The Alliance granted Darrell a free ride into the final for going in, leaving Derrick the most vulnerable Champion guy.

8. Johnny (Champion, —): He’s always been a secondary part of the Kenny-Evan Alliance, so he’s not totally safe.

7. Sarah (Challenger, NEW): She went into the Ruins, so she’s exempt next week. That’s just how the Challengers roll.

6. KellyAnne (Challenger, -1): She’s no longer immune, but she would probably be Susie’s last choice to face in an elimination.

5. Brad (Challenger, -2): Either Brad or Dunbar has to go in next week, and Dunbar’s bigger than Brad. Plus, even if the Challengers win, Brad might go after one of the bank accounts he was salivating over.

4. Dunbar (Challenger, —): I’m still eager to see him go in the Ruins.

3. Kenny (Champion, -1): Flirting with Sarah drops him a spot (although Darrell’s win had something to do with it too).

2. Evan (Challenger, -1): Gasp! How could he have forfeited the #1 spot?

1. Darrell (Challenger, +5): Beating Cohutta not only gave Darrell a bank account of over $31,000, but it also keeps him out of the Ruins until the final.

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  1. Posted by James Schneider on November 14, 2009 at 7:31 PM

    AH, should i defend kenny’s deserving #1 or being better than Evan? Well, sarah>veronica and hmm… boxing sucks.


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