Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins, Week 8 Power Rankings

“We WERE making popcorn….I like popcorn!” —Kelly Anne

“Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!” —Darrell

You can only try to pick a fight for so long before you actually have to be in one. This ought to be a lesson for both Brad and Darrell. Brad, who had clearly snapped by the end of last episode and was berating KellyAnne on her birthday and uncharacteristically chugging a bottle of wine in the beginning of last night’s episode, charged—or drunkenly stumbled—into the Champions’ room and seemed desperate to fight someone. For some reason—either his bank account, or his location in the room, or his posture—Brad picked Darrell.

Darrell did not do his best to defuse the situation. Yelling “Do it!” eight times in a row is probably not the best conflict resolution strategy. Eventually Brad did it, even if “it” was nothing more than a pusillanimous push.

Nobody can accuse Darrell of being all talk, though, as he quickly threw Brad against the wall on the other side of the room, then bounced him to the floor, where he landed four clean punches to Brad’s face. It was probably the most one-sided “fight” in RW/RR Challenge history, even edging out CT and Adam on The Duel II. Adam was at least sober, and entire teams intervened to keep CT at bay. In the aftermath of this one, which lasted about four seconds, blood was pouring out of Brad’s eye as he stumbled around the house like a baby trying to stand up for the first time. In his final confessional, his eye was purple and completely shut.

Basically, the lesson is: Don’t get into a fight with Darrell. Especially if you’re drunk.

As soon as Darrell got his last punch in, though, he regretted it. That fight cost him at least $31,000 and likely a lot more: His team had already guaranteed his spot in the final challenge, and the Champions are heavy favorites to win that, and every other challenge before it. Instead he and Brad got sent home with nothing and their accounts are put back into the pot for the final challenge (although Brad had next to nothing—$2000—in his personal bank account anyway).

Fights were happening left and right in last night’s episode. Brad and Darrell’s was the most significant, but Dunbar and KellyAnne’s was the most…personal. KellyAnne was upset with Dunbar for apparently spreading a rumor that they had sex. Dunbar denies spreading such a rumor, but insists that, as he tells KellyAnne: “My penis touched your vagina.” This fight made both of them sound like preteens, calling each other “bitch” and whining about who said what and when. It also made KellyAnne irrationally insist that her team would improve if Dunbar, their last male, went home.

Susie also got into a fight with KellyAnne and Casey. She didn’t like that the two of them were eavesdropping on her strategy-session with Kenny and Evan, and she particularly didn’t like that they were eating popcorn while they were doing it: “I’m at my wit’s end with your prancing.” Casey was right to call this an instance of displaced anger, which is frustrating, since Susie is one of the more rational players in this game. She was eminently reasonable in the way she confronted Evan and Kenny, and in the deliberation.

Brad and Darrell, unfortunately, were the only ones to come to blows. They were also the only ones sent home, as MTV cut-off the elimination round with a “To Be Continued.” Great, now my week is ruined.

Oh well, it’s time to rank the pain away:

Eliminated: Darrell (Champion) Brad (Challenger)

The best part about this fight, other than everything, was that there was and is no ill will at all between these two. This fight was completely avoidable.

Who Would Have Been Eliminated If MTV Hadn’t Cut Us Off Right in the Middle: Kimberly (Challenger) Johnny (Champion)

The elimination challenge is pretty physical; it’s essentially a tug of war in which the two people can hit each other. This benefits the stronger player in both cases, and that’s Susie and Dunbar.

The Top Eight:

8. Susie (Champion, NEW): Given that she was in the middle of an elimination at the end, she can’t be too high. But I have confidence in her.

7. Dunbar (Challenger, -3): People kept saying last night that Dunbar talks a big game. Have we seen any evidence of this, or is it happening off-camera?

6. Casey (Challenger, +4): She has managed to stay out of the Ruins all game, but I think the Champions will let Susie get to face her in the last elimination.

5. Sarah (Challenger, +2): If the Champions don’t let Susie pick Casey next week, then Sarah’s the next weakest girl.

4. Derrick (Champion, +5): If Dunbar beats Johnny, then Derrick will have to go into the final Ruins against Dunbar, since he’s not part of the Kenny-Evan Alliance.

3. KellyAnne (Challenger, +3): I found her really annoying in this episode, but I don’t see any way that she goes into the Ruins again.

2. Kenny (Champion, +1): The look he gave when Johnny suggested that he volunteer himself for the Ruins was priceless: I’m Kenny…I don’t do that.

1. Evan (Champion, +1): He takes back the #1 spot! And all it took was last week’s #1 getting sent home for nearly decapitating Brad.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by James Schneider on November 22, 2009 at 1:09 PM

    Ok, I take offense to you comparing Dunbar and Kellyanne to preteens, and Kenny>Evan, Darrell, Kellyanne, Derrick, Sarah, Casey, Dunbar, Susie, Brad, Kimberly, and Johnny


  2. […] week off last Wednesday certainly wasn’t pleasant, especially given the cliffhanger the last episode ended on, but it definitely paid off with a great show last night. The two elimination challenges that MTV […]


  3. Posted by Dionne on December 11, 2009 at 12:08 PM

    I’m not impressed w/Darrell’s moves. To instigate a fight early on in the season w/Wes & then to want to continue “tomorrow”; then to fight/take advantage of a completed intoxicated Brad – I’m just not impressed. All I remember is a few years ago when he was hooking up with Leah on one of the challenges & crazy CT kept taunting and harrassing her, Darrell just sat there like a punk & didn’t defend her honor – so I’m not impressed!


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