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Fixing the BCS

I’m going to continue a newfound late-autumn Friday tradition at NPI: criticizing the BCS. In case you missed Monday Medley, the BCS has its own official Twitter now, @INSIDEtheBCS, that spouts BCS propaganda and attempts to defend the institution based on 1) its improvements over the previous regime; 2) the meaningfulness of the regular season; and 3) the nefarious and, in its view, inevitable onset of “bracket creep,” where a playoff, regardless of how small it starts, will expand to include an unwieldy amount of teams.

I already laid some of my cards on the table last week, but I figured I’d show you the full deck today. First, the very obvious responses to the three defenses of the BCS:

1. Just because something is an improvement over an old system does not make it ideal. We can already be entertained by radio! What’s the need for this television device? There’s this thing called progress, and smug complacency is not a means to that end.

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Bob Dylan Rankings, #96: One More Night

There is one very important question imposed by Nashville Skyline: Can giving up cigarettes really change someone’s voice that much? That was, of course, Dylan’s explanation for the almost unrecognizable voice that appears on this album, and on “One More Night.” I’ve never smoked (unfortunately), but I can’t imagine this explanation can account for so much. Continue reading