Monday Medley

What we read while hiding our golf clubs…

  • Food is a big part of Thanksgiving. Which food that is, though, depends in part on what region of the country you’re from. Check out this “infographic” which shows where search queries for different Thanksgiving foods came from geographically.
  • Speaking of baseball and sabermetrics, as free agency hits, here’s an older piece from Patrick Brown of The Millions about baseball and its relationship with the Internet, including an in-depth analysis of gamecasts and the polarizing nature of J.D. Drew.

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  1. I read the original article in the NY Times by Michael Lewis that lead to the book and movie “The Blind Side”, after seeing the movie a couple of days ago. I quite enjoyed it despite the mixed reviews. Sandra Bullock may get an Academy nomination. I was surprised how faithful the movie was to the original article. They hammed up the mother’s character and the head coach, but most of the incidents and comments in the movie actually occurred. I was shocked to read that Oher actually picked up an opposing player and carried him 25 yards off the field. In the movie he threw him over a fence-like blockade and in real life he slammed the player into a chain link fence. As they say on Letterman, both are more fun(for the opposing player) than reading the Sara Palin memoir!


  2. Posted by Dan on December 1, 2009 at 7:18 AM

    the point of the xkcd was a joke about primer


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