Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins, Week 9 Review

I look at our team and see four guys and one girl who have won before. I look at the other team and see one lying slut, some weird, creepy goth chick, and Casey. —Kenny


If I lose to Casey I should just crawl into the fetal position and die. —Susie

The week off last Wednesday certainly wasn’t pleasant, especially given the cliffhanger the last episode ended on, but it definitely paid off with a great show last night. The two elimination challenges that MTV decided not to show us two weeks ago opened this week with a bang: The tug-of-war between Susie and Kimberly—in the rain—seemed to go on forever, with both of them bloody and worn out (and yet still oddly attractive), until finally Susie (as I predicted) pulled the rope away from Kim.

The challenge between Dunbar and Johnny was slightly less epic, and more disconcerting to the Challengers, as Johnny sent Dunbar home (as I did not predict). This, of course, left the Challengers with the less-than-intimidating roster that Kenny described heading into the last challenge before the final.

KellyAnne smartly realized that, as this team is probably not going to win any challenges, her best chance at adding to her own bank account is to beat Susie and get her money, so she volunteered to go into the Ruins—if, that is, it’s up to her.You might think, with a team of a four guys and a relatively strong girl against KellyAnne, Sarah,and Casey, that the Champions would just chill out with the machinations for the final challenge. But not Johnny. Apparently Johnny still has some resentment for Susie from The Inferno III, and he wanted her sent home.

Now, I should say here that I do see Johnny’s point. For one, Susie was kind of a bitch in The Inferno III: She was nominated for elimination three times and EACH TIME she managed to win the “Life Shield” by getting other girls to throw the challenge. Also, keeping Casey on the Challengers essentially guarantees the Champions a win in the final challenge, even if multiple players suffer some sort of paralysis: As The Gauntlet III showed us, a team is often only as strong asits weakest link in final challenges.

Having Said That, the Champions are probably going to have an easy time in the final challenge no matter who goes home in the Ruins, and it seems mean to throw a challenge at this point in the game for such a petty reason. Johnny’s insinuation that Susie has been “slacking off” so far in this challenge is also ridiculous: Susie had already been in the Ruins twice, while Johnny/Derrick/Evan/Kenny have combined to go in once. She hasn’t been as integral to the team as them, but that doesn’t mean she’s slacking, or a Casey-level albatross.

Thankfully, Derrick, Kenny and Evan have some goodness in their hearts, and decided not to throw the last challenge, which was basically made up of running up an inclined plank and grabbing flowers perched off the edge of a building. The Champions won, thanks to a slip by KellyAnne and Casey’s general suckitude.* With her choice of competitor for the final Ruins, Susie picked Casey, and disposed of her easily.

*Casey is such a bad competitor that now even TJ Lavin is openly mocking her when it’s her turn to go. Although TJ has been a lot meaner this year.

With the teams for the final challenge set—to recap, it’s Evan/Kenny/Johnny/Derrick/Susie against KellyAnne/Sarah—a power ranking seems pointless. In lieu of that, I’ll revisit a how this season played out against my expectations:

Things I Expected:

  • I fully expected Kenny and Evan to get to the final more or less untested (neither of them got a whiff of the Ruins), and for Johnny to get there without much of a fight (only one Ruins).
  • I expected Wes to be gone by this point. You can only alienate your teammates and rely on your ability to win every elimination challenge for so long.
  • I expected the team to slowly but surely eliminate almost all its girls. I didn’t think they’d be able to trim it down to only Susie; this may have been the best example of “trimming the fat” on any challenge ever.

Things I Did Not Expect:

  • I did not expect Dunbar to be such an atrocious competitor. He wasn’t as bad as KellyAnne claimed—does she really think the Challengers are better without him?—but he was a pretty big disappointment.
  • I did not expect Sarah to still be around. I figured she’d be slightly better than Casey, but she won twice in the Ruins.
  • I did not expect Darrell and Brad to be the ones sent home for fighting. I figured there would be a fight, but I definitely didn’t think Brad would be the one to provoke it. And I figured that if Darrell were going to fight, it was going to be against Wes.

One Last Prediction:

I’m not really going out on a limb here, but I expect the Champions to cruise to victory over KellyAnne and Sarah.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jordan on December 3, 2009 at 10:58 AM

    But John, didn’t you see the promo for next week? Apparently, at one point, the Challengers are “a whole artifact ahead!”


  2. Posted by kingofthejewsdavid on December 6, 2009 at 6:43 AM

    Johnny Bananas the reason why he got that name cause he likes objects stuffed up his ass. Kenny is a lame sucker who doesnt do anything but run his faggot ass mouth . Kenny acts like a female he is always talking down to the girls cause he either wants to be one or his mother was a cunt slut whore who brought men home daily . Thats why Kenny the douchebag hates girls so much . He is gay and hasnt came out the closet yet. Your mother did a horrible job raising you fruit cake . wait the government probably raised you .YOu piiece of shit . LOWLIFE Kenny what goes around ,comes around .
    Some buy EVAN a toupee
    Johnny is just ugly he looks like a chimpanzene


  3. Posted by James Schneider on December 13, 2009 at 4:47 PM

    For old times sake:


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