Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins, Reunion

“You reach a point when you’re on these shows when you’re like, ‘I took a wrong turn in my life somewhere.’” —Evan

So last night’s reunion show offered the usual commentary on a season of the challenge: fights were brought up, feuds were explained, underlying tensions were hinted at and revealed. For the most part, though, it was a pretty tame reunion—pretty much everyone seemed apologetic and civil.

Also, the cast of Wes, KellyAnne, Brad, Sarah, Evan, Dunbar, Kenny, Johnny, Johanna, Veronica, Susie, and Katie left a little to be desired (namely: Cohutta). Our host, Maria Menounos, though, managed to get at some interesting revelations. Here are the most important/surprising/confusing elements from last night’s show:

  • Brad blamed his fight with Darrell at least partially on the absence of his fiancée Tori; the fact that she wasn’t there to put things in perspective and calm him down helped precipitate his slide off the deep end. He also claimed that he would never do another challenge without her, or drink hard alcohol again (but don’t hold him to that).
  • Wes and Kenny seem to have completely buried the hatchet. Kenny, who slept with Johanna on The Island, was, according to Wes, “gentlemanly” about the whole incident on this challenge. Any animosity between the two of them is more or less gone, and they even shared a symbolic hug on the reunion the show. Maybe some of this is due to the fact that…..
  • ….Wes and Johanna were never actually engaged. Despite Wes’ multiple references to Johanna as his former fiancée, Johanna got him to admit that they were never engaged; they had talked about marriage, apparently, but never were rings exchanged. Wes described it as merely the “easiest way” to explain their relationship, but one can’t help wondering if his description was really wishful thinking.
  • On the other side, though, I think I’ve almost completely changed my opinion of Wes, as much as it pains me to say it. He apologized for acting like an idiot at times but rationally defended his strategy of throwing challenges. He also called people out on their bullshit, both when Sarah accused KellyAnne of “sleeping with the other team” (since she would have slept with Kenny), and when Evan and Kenny refused to intervene in the Veronica/Tonya fight (and, in fact, stopped Wes from intervening).
  • Sarah, thankfully, admitted to having a crush on Kenny throughout the show, although Kenny clearly was just not that into her. Also, included among the things Kenny mocked Sarah for was the death of her family dog. Maybe I’m overly sensitive, but that seems like crossing a line to me.
  • Katie apologized almost immediately for taunting Sarah after the “plunger in her bed” incident. She realized that there was really no reason to have attacked Sarah almost as soon as she was sober; this is a big deal because “Katie never apologizes.”
  • Susie, who has her own personal website, btw, not only carried on a flirtation with Cohutta (who she accurately described as “adorable”), but also had some sort of relationship with a cameraman on the show. This is slightly confusing because I thought Susie was married, although both of these relationships seem to have been more than theoretical.
  • Dunbar, unlike Kenny, does “go scuba diving.” That’s a euphemism I’ve never heard before.
  • A clip was shown of Real World: DC, the upcoming season of The Real World; it appears to put the roommates in an MTV-designed replica of the Oval Office.

Well, that’s it for me. It’s been a pleasure to blog about the Challenge this season, but all good things must come to an end. But get excited for Fresh Meat 2, coming in a few short months!

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    Thanks for the information. I admit I was looking for something different and ended up here, but I appreciated the read, cheers 🙂


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