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Ranking Bob Dylan Songs, #111: Gospel Plow

Bob Dylan’s religious beliefs have always been a source of mystery and confusion. Most of the controversy stems from his conversion to Christianity in the late 1970s and the three evangelical albums he released before apparently relapsing back to Judaism. It’s hard to deny that his time as a born-again Christian was one of the more perplexing religious awakenings by a musician (right up their with Little Richard, Cat Stevens, Madonna, and plenty of others), but it’s easy to look back at Dylan’s earlier recordings and see evidence of his attraction to Christianity from his nascent beginnings. Continue reading

Survivor Survival Guide: “Slay Everyone, Trust No One”

“These All-Stars, I feel I’m above them. Like Michael Jordan in basketball, Michael Phelps in swimming, there’s always someone that’s above their sport. That’s me. I’m the best to ever play this game, and now I get to prove it.”

—Russell, Villain

“To win this game of Survivor, you have to have a dark side somewhere.”

—JT, Hero

If John S is gonna go and file a weekly review of his favorite desert island show—and steal my interlocutor style in the process—then you best believe I’m gonna respond by doing a weekly review of my favorite desert island show, stealing his RW/RR challenge format in the process.

Survivor kicked off its 20th season last night with the first episode of Survivor: Heroes and Villains. Twenty former castaways are back for a second and in some cases third go-round, with 10 being assigned “Heroes” and 10 “Villains.” The designations ring true for most of them, although the dichotomy is a bit overstated (can anyone on a reality television show really be cast as a “hero” or “villain”? And even in context, Sugar?). Continue reading