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In Search of 65, Week 2

1 Kansas Kentucky Syracuse Villanova
2 Purdue Michigan State Kansas State Duke
3 West Virginia Georgetown Wisconsin Ohio State
4 New Mexico Wake Forest Gonzaga Texas
5 Pittsburgh Texas A&M BYU Temple
6 Maryland Tennessee Vanderbilt Butler
7 Baylor Xavier Georgia Tech Missouri
8 California Marquette Mississippi UNLV
9 Richmond Charlotte Virginia Tech Illinois
10 Northern Iowa Siena Dayton Louisville
11 Florida Florida State South Florida UTEP
12 Saint Mary’s Cornell UAB Old Dominion
13 Utah State Northeastern Charleston Murray State
14 Kent State Coastal Carolina Oakland Sam Houston State
15 Belmont Weber State Pacific Morgan State
16 Arkansas State v. Jackson State Lehigh Vermont Robert Morris

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Getting Lost: The Substitute

It’s time for another installment of “Getting Lost,” where John S takes you through all the salient questions from last night’s episode of Lost:

Hey! A Locke episode! Yeah, after an episode that left him out completely, we get an episode totally centered on John Locke, who I’ve already called the show’s most important character.

And were you super thrilled with this episode? It was a pretty good, wasn’t it?

Well, it still had those dumb alternate timeline storylines… Well, here’s the thing with those. People have complained that the 2004 stories are pointless, or a distraction from the on-Island stories that people care about. There is definitely some validity to that when we have to watch a whole episode of Kate trying to run away from US Marshal Edward Mars again. But this episode worked the John Locke storyline in pretty seamlessly, in a way that actually added to the on-Island story. Continue reading