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Survivor Survival Guide: Knights of the Round Table

“It’s been established that they can beat us in puzzles.”

“Or pretty much anything but sumo wrestling.”

–Tom and JT

At the start of last night’s episode, JT apologized to James, Amanda, and Rupert for turning on them last week and blindsiding Cirie. He swore over and over to Amanda that he wouldn’t do that again—that she could trust him the rest of the way.

I thought it was a bit superfluous on JT’s part: He had allied himself with Tom and Colby by voting out Cirie, and now all he had to do was sway fickle Candice to get the proper numbers until the merge. After a while, I figured this was just creative editing by the CBS crew; it wasn’t showing JT explaining that he was doing this to smooth things over until the next vote. JT, after all, has been “The King” in my two Heroes’ aristocracies, and he’s too smart to choose James, Amanda, and Rupert over the trustworthy Tom and Colby, right?

Evidently, JT isn’t who I thought he was. Continue reading