John and Tim Pick the Midwest Bracket

Man...Bobby Knight Loves This Guy

1 Kansas vs. 16 Lehigh

Tim: Lehigh has one really good player named C.J. McCollum. Kansas has seven or eight players who are better than him (Tyrel Reed I’m not sure on).

John: Yeah, I’m not drinking the Mountianhawk Kool-Aid like everyone else.

Tim’s Pick: Kansas

John’s Pick: Kansas

8 UNLV vs. 9 Northern Iowa

John: Another classic instance of the Las Vegas/Iowa rivalry.

Tim: Interesting contrast in styles, but Vegas has Runnin’ in its nickname for a reason.

Tim’s Pick: UNLV

John’s Pick: UNLV

5 Michigan State vs. 12 New Mexico State

John: Here’s where we get a little divergence. I’m always a big fan of Michigan State come Tournament Time: Tom Izzo’s teams typically overachieve in March—like last year’s national runner-up (remember that?)—and I don’t think this year’s team is any different. I actually have the Spartans avoiding the typical 12-5 upset and making it to the Sweet 16.

Tim: They are different; they’re worse. I would pick any other 12-seed against them, but I can’t in good conscience pick a program that poached its best coach from that high school in Hang Time.

Tim’s Pick: MSU

John’s Pick: MSU

4 Maryland vs. 13 Houston

Tim: The Cougars are a trendy upset pick, but that’s because nobody has seen them play. I’ve got the Terps through to the Sweet 16, where they will get blown out by Kansas.

John: Well, having not seen the Cougars, I now feel obligated to pick them. But as much as I hate Greivis Vasquez, I’m going to stick with ACC co-champions (but not really) in this one.

Tim’s Pick: Maryland

John’s Pick: Maryland

6 Tennessee vs. 11 San Diego State

John: As much as I love Bruce Pearl, I’m tempted to take the Aztecs in this one. I have no real basis for that decision, but it seems like an appealing upset to take. After all, whoever wins this game is probably going to lose to Georgetown in the next round.

Tim: Funny, because Pearl is actually the one reason not to pick the Volunteers in this one, as he goes up against an actual good coach in SDSU’s Steve Fisher (who’s still around, believe it or not). The Vols are better here, and they’ll be better on Saturday against Georgetown.

Tim’s Pick: Tennessee

John’s Pick: San Diego State

3 Georgetown vs. 14 Ohio

Tim: I said Georgetown’s not going to make it out of the first weekend, and I’m sticking to it (I didn’t say they’d lose in the first round, though).

John: Actually, Tim, you said Georgetown was not an NCAA Tournament team at all. Funny how that works out.

Tim’s Pick: Georgetown

John’s Pick: Georgetown

7 Oklahoma State vs. 10 Georgia Tech

John: Georgia Tech looked impressive in the ACC Tournament even while turning the ball over an ungodly amount of times. They are a classic instance of the “Pick this team because it overachieved in its conference tournament” fallacy.

Tim: The athletic Cowboys will feast on a Yellow Jacket backcourt that often struggles to perform the basic activities of bringing the ball up the court and setting up the offense. We deserve to see James Anderson against Evan Turner in the second round.

Tim’s Pick: OSU

John’s Pick: OSU

2 Ohio State vs. 15 UC-Santa Barbara

Tim: The Gauchos hung with Arizona in 2002 as a 14-seed. They’ll do that for a half before Turner sets up the OSU-OSU showdown that we deserve (see above comment).

John: First of all, deserve ain’t got nothin’ to do with it. Second of all, citing an eight-year old game probably isn’t the best way to break down a Tournament game.

Tim’s Pick: OSU

John’s Pick: OSU

Elite Eight

Tim: Kansas over Ohio State—As good as Turner is, he still can’t lead of six guys past the only complete team in the nation.

John: Kansas over Georgetown—The Jayhawks has the most depth and the most talent of any team on the frontline. Even though they have the toughest region, they’ll make the Final Four

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