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LIVE BLOG: Duke vs. Arkansas-Pine Bluff

9:40, TIM — Agreed. Bring on, Boykin!

9:39, JOHN — Given how bad the Big East has done, I’m tempted to say Louisville, but I still think Cal is the worse team.

9:36, TIM — That just about wraps it up for us. Last question, John: Who do you want to see, Cal or Louisville?

9:36, JOHN — James Anderson’s performance tonight was almost as disappointing and embarrassing as my 6-10 record yesterday.

9:33, TIM — No! We DESERVE Anderson v. Turner!

9:28, JOHN — Well, Duke wins 73-44, as everyone has already moved on to more interesting games. But Steve Johnson got some playing time! Continue reading

Looking Back: Great Buzzer Beaters

Danero Thomas and Ishmael Smith, welcome to the club. (We’re still debating Quincy Pondexter’s credentials.) The buzzer beater is what makes March mad–what, in the flick of a wrist and the swish of a net, can vindicate all those people who looked at Murray State’s 30-4 record and said, “You know, there’s a team that’s been flying under the radar.” Back in December, during Aught Lang Syne, we looked at some of the most memorable college basketball finishes of the decade–many in the Tournament, others not. Here they are, reproduced, in celebration of the Buzzer Beater.

2005 Michigan State v. Kentucky

This was the third best regional final that year. Yeah.

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Getting Lost: Recon

It’s time for another installment of “Getting Lost,” where John S takes you through all the salient questions from last night’s episode of Lost:

Oh, so you finally got around to reviewing this week’s episode of Lost? Look, it’s NCAA Tournament time. That takes precedent. I mean, did you see yesterday’s games?

Given your record in yesterday’s action (6-10, four Sweet 16 teams out), why should we take anything you say about Lost seriously? Well, I’m not really saying you should, but I don’t know if there is any significant correlation between March Madness picks and Lost analysis.

They both involve predictions based on careful, deliberate analysis that end up completely negated by what appears to be random nonsense… Good point.

OK, can we please talk about something besides the NCAA Tournament for once? Ugh. Fine. Continue reading