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Against the Cupcake

The Cupcake: An Abomination to the Dessert Genre

When I started writing for NPI, I knew I was going to take some unpopular positions. But, never did I anticipate taking a position as unpopular as this one is going to be. I am against the cupcake. Cupcakes are a poor man’s cake and an even poorer man’s muffin.* Cupcakes are to desserts as The Marriage Ref is to Jerry Seinfeld or what Derek Bell is to the 2000 Mets. Cupcakes are an embarrassment to the dessert genre.

*Occassionally, they attempt to be an impoverished-man-on-the-brink-of-bankruptcy-and-death’s brownie, but these cupcakes make up such a minority of the cupcake population that I’ll leave them out of the equation.

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Tim’s Saturday Picks

When you compare my second-round picks to John’s, you’ll notice a small but significant change in diction; namely, he uses “New Pick” whereas I use “The Pick.” This is because I had my most successful first round I can remember, going 24-8 and losing only two Sweet 16 teams. My hunches on Old Dominion, Cornell, and Murray State (and even on Wisconsin struggling but surviving) all played out to plan. Even my vindictive decision to knock out Georgetown in the second round has paid off.

What does this mean? Well, basically that what you’re about to read is going to be all wrong. Everything I based my first-round picks on will destruct in the second round. BYU will not be able to make a jump shot or its free throws, Cornell will forget to go inside to Jeff Foote, and Butler’s crisp execution will be enough to trump UTEP’s athleticism but not Murray State’s. If the Tournament were a game of poker, I’d be trying to buy out now.

But at 24-8, I’m pot-committed.

2. Villanova vs. 10. Saint Mary’s

Original: Richmond over Villanova

What I’ve Learned: If you made a list of the three most impressive first-round teams, the Gaels would have to be on it (behind Ohio and Cornell). Omar Samhan was dominant (and I mean dominant) in limited minutes, and Saint Mary’s surrounded him with four dead-eye shooters. The Wildcats were taken to the brink by a Robert Morris squad that didn’t even have it’s A game and saved by what could best be described as dubious officiating. The Gaels have played two excellent games against solid competition back-to-back; Villanova hasn’t played one in over a month. Tough to turn it on now.

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John Picks the Saturday Games

After a dismal 18-14 First Round (and a 6-10 first day!), John S tries to redeem himself in Round 2 by carefully detailing what he learned:

10 Saint Mary’s vs. 2 Villanova

Original Pick: Villanova over Richmond

What I’ve Learned: I’m going to give myself some credit for this one: After all, I didn’t fall into the trap of picking Richmond to make the Sweet 16, like a lot of people did. After the First Round I had, that counts as a win. Although, I did say that people were underestimating Villanova, and the Wildcats barely snuck by Robert Morris, and even then only with the help of some friendly calls. I have faith, though, that a Jay Wright-coached team won’t pull that shit twice in a row.

New Pick: I’m still sticking with my guns and picking Villanova to make the Sweet 16.

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