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iPad Inevitability

I will not be getting an iPad. For one, I can’t afford one. But even if I could, I don’t really see the value of it. It’s too big to carry around comfortably, and most of its functions seem like they can be performed by other tools. It functions as an e-reader, but the Kindle and other devices supposedly have better screens for reading. You can play music on it, but it’s much bigger and more cumbersome than an iPod, and you can’t share libraries on the same network like you can with a laptop. You can do things like type and watch videos on this, but not as well as you can do them on a laptop or an actual TV, and the iPad makes them only marginally more convenient.

Can I see the value of being able to watch Parks & Recreation on the subway? I guess, but I’d probably rather just wait until I get home. Basically, I can’t see the iPad allowing me to perform any function I currently crave.

But here’s the thing: I know that, eventually, I’m going to get one. Continue reading

Monday Medley

What we read while trying to ignore the fact that Amy Mickelson is Tiger’s type…