Getting Lost: Everybody Loves Hugo

It’s time for another installment of “Getting Lost,” where John S takes you through all the salient questions from last night’s episode of Lost:

Oh man, how excited were you to see Libby again? I know a lot of people were anxiously awaiting her return, and I hope for those people that it was everything they hoped for and more, but I didn’t really care. As I said when the season started, if they had gone through the whole season without addressing her character at all, I wouldn’t have minded.

But you were at least happy for Hurley, right? He got to see Libby again! Last week, after the exceptionally well-received “Happily Ever After,” I was talking to a fellow Lost fan as we shared our enthusiasm about the episode. One worry he had, though, was that the series would devolve into a sappy “love conquers all” message. After all, Charlie and Desmond were only drawn to the existence of the parallel universes once they realized that their respective soulmates were there.

Last night in “Everybody Loves Hugo,” we pick up where we left off. In one of the weirdest introductions of the new alternate reality storylines, Dr. Pierre Chang introduces the episode with, “In a world full of conflict and strife, there is but one fact we can all agree upon: Everybody loves Hugo!” He then proceeds to give a brief biography of this version of Hurley, a beloved entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is lucky in everything except, as his mother reminds him after the charity ceremony, love.

Until that is, he runs into Libby, who is alive in this version of reality (and presumably was not on the plane, since she made no mention of seeing Hurley there, and implied that she has been in the Mental Hospital for a while) and still crazy. Or, at least, she might be crazy. It seems that most of her delusions stem from a vision of she had of an alternate reality in which she is on the Island and in the early stages of a courtship with Hurley. In other words, her delusions are not so delusional.

Does this mean that Libby’s original stay in the Mental Hospital was due to visions of the alternate reality? Well, possibly, but I don’t think it was thought out that far in advance. Libby was probably always viewed as crazy in the same way that Hurley was crazy: Each of them has what seem like delusions in the real world, but which make sense in the context of the Island. As I noted last week, it’s not really clear yet what triggers visions of the Island-reality, but it seems like it has something to do with love and/or death. Libby’s experience—seeing Hurley in a commercial—was thus far the most mundane, but perhaps being crazy makes her predisposed to accept alternate realities.

Interestingly, though, Hurley doesn’t see it as immediately. It takes some nudging from Desmond—whose mission of awakening the rest of the passengers took a very odd turn this week that we’ll get to later—and eventually a kiss from Libby for Hurley to see it.

But the kiss did it! Because Hurley and Libby are soulmates, right? It’s a little odd that the second episode in this “love conquers all” theme dwelt on the Hurley-Libby relationship, which was never all that important even when Libby was still on the show, and has basically been forgotten for the last two-and-a-half seasons. Charlie and Claire were an entrenched couple from the show’s earliest episodes, and Desmond and Penny are probably the most popular romantic plot on Lost. You’d think that they would have followed those to with Jin and Sun, or Sawyer and Juliet (even if Elizabeth Mitchell is busy with V), or Sawyer and Kate (which they set up at the end of Recon). The fact that they would rely so heavily on a non-canonical romance for this episode is just more evidence of this “love conquers all” theme, indicating that they are just going to try and shoehorn every character into a relationship that lets them see the light.

That’s going to be hard. I mean, it’s not like they put Jack and Kate together at the end of this ep—oh wait… The look between Jack and Kate when Hurley and Co. showed up at Locke 2.0’s camp was pretty nauseating. I just hope that storyline ends up with Jack hatching on to Sawyer’s plan escape the Island via submarine, and uses it to help get Sun off the Island.

It’s too bad Sun keeps showing up places like 20 minutes after Jin leaves, huh? Yeah, that’s starting to feel ridiculous. Although, I do like Hurley’s plan of going to talk to Locke. It’s not so much that the plan is a good one—because if Locke 2.0 is pure Evil, then it probably isn’t—but it fits in perfectly with Hurley’s diplomatic, benevolent personality. It was actually quite obvious that Hurley was lying to Richard about seeing Jacob, and not just because Mark Pellegrino wasn’t there: The “advice” Hurley announced was definitely something Hurley would think of, and definitely NOT something Jacob would suggest.

Too bad Richard didn’t go along with it. When did he become such a hothead? That guy needs to get a grip. He doesn’t seem to trust anyone anymore, and he’s not acting reasonable, as his exchange with Jack after Ilana blew herself up proved:

Richard: “We have to get more dynamite. Otherwise she died for nothing.”

Jack: “What if she died to tell us to stay away from dynamite?”

Although Richard’s fondness for dynamite may just be because he’s still immortal, but I’m not even sure if his immortality extends beyond Jacob’s death.

At the very least, Ilana’s death should teach the characters not to be so careless with dynamite, am I right? Yeah, ever since Arzt’s speech back in the Season One finale, the characters have treated dynamite like bars of soap without a single accidental death. Finally, someone paid the price.

Any other thoughts? Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down! We didn’t even get to the two key Desmond scenes. First, his scenes on the Island: Last week ended on a curious note, with Desmond walking away with Sayid without a fight. Why didn’t Desmond run? Because he has nowhere to run to. Why wasn’t he scared? Because, as he explain, “What’s the point of being scared?”

Maybe part of the reason he wasn’t scared, though, was that he thought he was talking to John Locke. It’s not all that surprising that Desmond thinks that—not everyone can be as perceptive as Sawyer—but it was still disappointing to hear him say that. For one, I thought we might learn Locke 2.0’s real name, but also because Desmond was clearly unprepared for being thrown down that well. The real Locke would have never done that. Locke 2.0 clearly wants Desmond gone so he can’t help Widmore with whatever Widmore brought him to the Island for, but does Locke 2.0 know what that is? He seemed surprised when Desmond brought up electromagnetism. Maybe Locke 2.0 is just figuring that the friend of his enemy is also his enemy.

Back in alternate 2004, though, Desmond got his revenge by running Locke over with his car. Excuse me, but: Fuck the heck? This does not really gel with Desmond as a good guy who just wants everyone from Oceanic 815 to find their soulmate. Why would he want to hurt Locke? As best I can tell, there are three possible explanations: 1) Locke already has his soulmate off the Island: Helen. So the only way to get him to see the on-Island reality is to cause a near-death situation. But how does Desmond know that Locke is with Helen in 2004? 2) Desmond knows what Locke becomes on the Island thanks to his visions, so he figures killing Locke is the best way to prevent the Smoke Monster from destroying the Island. But how would changing the alternate timeline affect the Island’s 2007? 3) Desmond is able to realize that Locke 2.0 killed him in 2007, so this is just revenge pure and simple. But then Desmond would presumably know that Locke and Locke 2.0 are not the same. I’m leaning towards #1, but I’m worried that it’s some variant of #2.

Predictions for next week? Well, the bumper promo was even less helpful than usual, with just a bunch of weird images set to, I believe, this song. Based on where things stand at the end of the episode, though, I think next week will focus on someone from Richard’s camp, meaning most likely Ben or Miles. Hopefully it will be Ben, but Miles hasn’t had an episode yet, and there is still the possibility remaining that he is a candidate. I would say that Richard and Co. probably show up to Hydra Island, attempting blow up the plane, only to find Widmore and Company, who will be on the lookout for Desmond. Meanwhile, we’ll get a bunch of reunion scenes at Locke’s camp with Jack and Locke 2.0, Jack and Kate, Jack and Sawyer, Hurley and everybody, etc.

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