Monday Medley

What we read while going undrafted once again…

  • Josh doesn’t really like cupcakes, but maybe if he ate them here he’d be more amenable to persuasion that he does.
  • Sometimes, it’s funny to look back at poor predictions, like Tim’s that the Celtics would be crushed by the Heat, or The Awl‘s that differentiated Ke$ha from Lady Gaga by writing, “Ke$ha, on the other hand, is a version of Gaga-lite, but in a good way. She is sort of edgy in that she puts on weird eye makeup, but she also just wears vintage-looking t-shirts and jeans when performing on national television. As opposed to donning some weird Gareth Pugh leotard while standing on top of a blood-draped ladder that’s in a coffin set on fire, or something.” Yeah, I don’t think David Cho can stand by that paragraph after last Saturday night. Sorry, Dave. (P.S. NPR did something on Ke$ha a while back that referred to her “near-perfect SAT scores,” which really makes us wonder what NPR’s standard for “near perfect” is these days.)

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  1. Posted by doc on April 26, 2010 at 10:37 AM

    To some degree, Joni Mitchell is right about Bob Dylan truthfulness in his lack of self in his songs, as I noted earlier in one of my comments on a John post. Dylan’s a wonderful poet and songwriter, but there’s no truth about the guy either in his voice or words. There’s truth in what he says, but there is nothing revealing about who he is as a person. On the other hand, I picked up Joni’s “Miles of Aisles” a couple of weeks back, a great live album with “enhanced sound” (i.e. it sounds great) that has all of her big hits when her voice was at it’s peak, circa 1976 or so. She also has been hugely influential, writes beautiful, meaningful songs, and her whole being is in them. And she’s also in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. So, I really do understand her criticism of Dylan. Dylan actually can have a nice singing voice, – check out “Lay, Lady, Lay” – he actually sounds like a singer. He developed that whiny, nasal voice imitating the beat poets of the late 50’s, early 60’s, one in particular whose name escapes me, but I am sure John knows who it is.


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