Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat 2, Week 4 Power Rankings

“We are a well-oiled machine.”—Wes

“They absolutely killed the rest of the competition: Kenny and Laurel are again victorious. Who would have thought that Kenny would dominate a challenge this much?”—TJ Lavin

Last night’s episode wasn’t particularly exciting. It basically just served to re-illustrate the things we already knew—until, that is, the very end, which we’ll get to later.

At this point, there are basically two games being played, and they are going in very different directions. The first game is political. In the battle between the Wes/Evelyn Alliance and Kenny’s Alliance, the former is dominating. Kenny is down to two reliable partners, Ryan and Jillian, and one of them—Ryan and Theresa—can’t be counted on to win anything.

In the beginning of this episode, and several times throughout it, Wes referred to his alliance as “a well-oiled machine.” The numbers are certainly decisively in his favor, but last night’s episode showed just how “squeaky,” as Ryan put it, that machine actually is. First of all, Danny, always an idiot, got drunk and started fights with Luke, Brandon, and even his partner Sandy. Wes seemed desperate to keep these fights from boiling over, lest personal animosity tarnish his alliance with all of these people, but his interference was more pathetic than anything else. While this was going on, I couldn’t help but think that such discord would never have gone down when Kenny and Evan were running the dominant alliance.

Meanwhile, there is the second game, which is being played in the actual challenges and is being utterly dominated by Kenny and Laurel. Of the four challenges, they’ve won three, and finished second in the other, only losing because of a close DQ. This was a pretty boring challenge, even by MTV standards, but even so, they “absolutely killed it,” as TJ Lavin said. Their time of 36 seconds was a full 17 seconds better than the next best time.

When it came time for Kenny and Laurel to send someone into Exile, Evelyn made a bold move. She indicated that her alliance was going to vote to send Ryan in. Kenny, being the honorable team leader, was going to defer to his ally and end in whomever Ryan wanted to face. Ryan, though, was “being kind of a double agent” (read: backstabbing) by having Kenny send in who the other alliance wanted in return for his own safety.

Even this, though, almost backfired, as CJ was not happy to learn that he was going to get called out by Kenny and Laurel in this plan. He particularly didn’t like Evelyn’s duplicitous claim that he was going to go against Jillian and Pete because they were “weak,” when just two weeks ago Evelyn called that team the strongest pair.

This all comes from the fact that Wes and Evelyn are good at being duplicitous, and Evelyn at least understands which teams are weak and strong, but neither is very good at maintaining relationships. By the end of the episode, both CJ and Landon were saying that they don’t feel completely comfortable in that alliance, and were even considering breaking off. This may be premature, but if both of them defected, then Wes and Evelyn lose their numbers.

Of course, all of this was obviated last night by the fact that Katelynn sucks. Her performance in the challenge was utterly abysmal, and then she got hurt. Her injury wasn’t enough to force her to go home, but it was enough to keep her from actually competing in the Exile, so she and her partner became the logical choice to get sent into the least exciting Exile ever: CJ and Sydney won by DQ.

The only thing left to do is rank:

Eliminated: Brandon and Katelynn

The fact that MTV was willing to let Katelynn compete with a bruised tibia and a damaged MCL, but they wouldn’t let Brandon compete because he had a beer before going to the Exile tells you all you need to know about MTV’s standards.

9. Ryan and Theresa (+1): I know Ryan thinks that double-crossing Kenny was the smart move, but how long does he expect to last if Kenny’s not in the game protecting him?

8. Peter and Jillian (+1): As Kenny’s closest ally, this team is a constant target of the Wes/Evelyn alliance.

7. Noor and Jenn (—): Jenn still hasn’t revealed her subterfuge yet, and Kenny still counts her as part of his alliance. Now that the numbers are closer, this could be big soon.

6. Danny and Sandy (-2): Danny is stupid and belligerent. His partner doesn’t like him. His allies don’t trust him. His future is, thus, bleak.

5. CJ and Sydney (—): This episode should have been a wake-up call for CJ, showing him that he is completely expendable in the Wes/Evelyn Alliance, and only useful for taking out other good teams.

4. Wes and Mandi (-1): Wes thinks he’s running a well-oiled machine, but he’s actually only the fourth most powerful team. For one, he and Mandi haven’t indicated that they are at all threatening. Meanwhile, Evelyn is more important to his alliance than he is.

3. Luke and Evelyn (-1): This is one of only two teams that actually looks like it can beat Kenny and Laurel, and eventually someone is going to need to beat them for the Wes/Evelyn Alliance to make any bold moves.

2. Landon and Carley (-1): If Landon were smart and Machiavellian, he and CJ would jump to Kenny’s alliance right now. Doing so would give the Kenny Alliance a majority, meaning they could send in whomever they wanted, but it would also keep Kenny’s Alliance dependent on his support, meaning that Kenny wouldn’t grow too strong. Waiting another week might be too long.

1. Kenny and Laurel (+5): This team has reached Landon/Alton/CT/The Miz levels of dominance. And while TJ referred to Kenny’s domination, the team’s success is pretty much entirely due to Laurel. In this challenge, Laurel outperformed every other girl, including Evelyn, by a wide margin. Until this team starts to look vulnerable, they are the #1, no matter how the alliances look.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by james Schneider on April 29, 2010 at 6:00 PM

    Good job! Except, Danny pissed off Pete, not Luke, and katelynn had a damaged Acl, not Mcl(either way, its most likely invalid).


  2. […] and Landon should have done what I suggested a few weeks ago and jumped from the Wes/Evelyn Alliance. As CJ realized—too late, of course—being at the bottom […]


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