NBA Playoff Preview: Cavaliers v. Celtics

ABOUT THOSE CELTICS…: Yeah, I was a little off on that, eh?

NO. YOU WERE MORE THAN A “LITTLE OFF” ON THAT: Let’s just say that the Heat were not who I thought they were.

AND YOU LET THEM OFF THE HOOK! I don’t think that makes sense. I picked them. They’re awful. Michael Beasley is terrible.

WHAT IS IT WITH YOU AND TEAMS IN GREEN? Hmm, hadn’t thought of that. To be fair, I’m all over the Seattle Sounders in MLS this season.

SO WHAT’S UP WITH LEBRON’S ELBOW? He’s fine. He took the second free throw left-handed in honor of that 30 for 30 documentary in honor of Hank Gathers.

THAT SEEMS A BIT IMPLAUSIBLE: I mean, he made the first one righty. So I don’t really think there’s a long-term issue. But you know what would have made that decision really curious? If the spread had been four or four-and-a-half.

THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN CRAZY: Yeah, if only the Cavs were up 12 when he took that free throw…

HOW EXCITED IS ESPN/ABC/TNT ABOUT THIS SHAQ-GARNETT SHOWDOWN? What’s the opposite of showdown? The word already has “down” in it. Maybe “Letdown”? All I know is it’s going to be really depressing to watch these two labor against one another in the post. Isn’t it sad that Kendrick Perkins and Anderson Varejao are better players than either of those guys right now?

REALLY? KENDRICK PERKINS? And Glen Davis! Did you see Game 2? Boston won by 80 points.

UMM, IT WAS ONLY 29: I was extrapolating the 44-8 run.

SO IF SHAQ-GARNETT ISN’T THE REASON TO WATCH THIS SERIES, WHAT IS? Man is Ray Allen’s jump shot beautiful. It might be the best-looking shot in NBA history. In fact, Ray Allen’s jump shot is better than any jump shot in basketball history, any swing in baseball history, and any acrobatic catch in Lynn Swann history. It is the apex of aesthetics in American sports.

WHOA…WHY DON’T YOU TONE THAT CRUSH DOWN A LITTLE? TAKE THE NEXT COUPLE PLAYS OFF? All I’m saying is, there’s a reason he could believably play a guy named Jesus. And it’s because he has that jump shot.

TIME FOR ANALYSIS YET? In so far as you trust me on the Celtics: I’m interested to see what Paul Pierce can do offensively in a seven-game series in which he’s always guarding LeBron James. What’s he going to have in the tank on the offensive end? What can the C’s get out of Garnett and Rajon Rondo as supplementary scorers? Can Tony Allen play well in two consecutive series?

The Cavs have decidedly fewer question marks; it basically centers on LeBron’s elbow, which I don’t think is an issue. Cleveland looked solid if unspectacular in the series against Chicago (aside from LeBron in Game 4), and I expect them to have to play better and exert more effort to win this one. They will do both. Cavs in 6.

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