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NBA Playoff Preview: Suns v. Spurs

HOW HIGH ARE YOUR EXPECTATIONS FOR THIS SERIES? THROUGH THE ROOF? I don’t think my expectations for any NBA playoff series in the last 12 years has been “through the roof,” unless you count the Nets and Lakers Finals, when I was pretty sure New Jersey was going to stun the world in seven.

BUT IS THIS AS EXCITED AS YOU’VE BEEN FOR A SERIES SINCE JORDAN’S RETIREMENT? As long as you except series involving the Knicks and Nets, I suppose. Although I was pretty excited for Suns-Spurs in the first round two years ago.

THAT WAS A GREAT SERIES! False. It was a great Game 1. The series was over after that.

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Monday Medley

What we read while trying to remember where we parked our Nissan…our BLACK Nissan…

  • Bad sports columns are written all the time, which is why we don’t often link to them. But sometimes, a really bad one catches our eye, like Bill Rhoden’s idea that LeBron James can only exceed Michael Jordan by–get this–playing for him on the Bobcats.