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What we read while trying to remember where we parked our Nissan…our BLACK Nissan…

  • Bad sports columns are written all the time, which is why we don’t often link to them. But sometimes, a really bad one catches our eye, like Bill Rhoden’s idea that LeBron James can only exceed Michael Jordan by–get this–playing for him on the Bobcats.

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  1. Posted by Douglas on May 4, 2010 at 2:00 PM

    From the California article:

    Key findings:
    Surveyed students from California and the Midwest had virtually identical overall happiness.
    Both groups believed that people like them would be happier living in California.
    Californians were much happier with their weather, but both groups vastly overestimated the effect of weather on overall happiness.

    Am I wrong to object to the first finding? How can the happiness of those two groups be meaningfully compared? Neither group is really aware of the opportunity costs, so the scale isn’t correctly aligned. Let’s also note that we’re comparing students, who by and large experience fewer relative complexities (job market, traffic, cost of living, etc), at least on a direct level. This is more or less my critique of the second finding, although that point is still interesting. As for the third finding, the effect of weather on happiness is probably overestimated, but I’m not sure it’s grossly overestimated. I seem to recall a certain ranking of the months in which weather was cited as a key cause of general misery…and of course there are certain things like seasonal affective disorder which should be given probably a modicum of attention (that’s not sarcastic–I’m just saying it shouldn’t be ignored).

    It would be more interesting, I think, to see a comparison between California immigrants and emigrants,. Of course biases in both of those groups would be huge, but I think the comparison would still be worth something.

    Oh, and for the record, although I do live in California and now consider myself slightly happier, I’m not of the opinion that everyone would be happier there…I just didn’t find this approach to be that useful.


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