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NBA Playoff Preview: Magic v. Hawks

A BIT SUPERFLUOUS AT THIS POINT, NO? True, the Magic’s 43-point win in Game 1 has eliminated most of the mainstream media’s initial enthusiasm for this series. But not mine!

YOU’RE STILL ENTHUSED FOR THIS SERIES? No, I never was. So, the 43-point Game 1 didn’t really change my outlook at all. This series should be broadcast entirely on NBA TV.

DIDN’T YOU SAY THE LINE OF DEMARCATION IN THE EAST WAS AFTER THE HAWKS? I meant that a line of demarcation was after the Hawks. There can be more than one!

TELL THAT TO SPAIN AND PORTUGAL! It’s a Treaty of Tordesillas joke!

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Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat 2, Week 5 Power Rankings

“I would die for Wes” —Danny

“I’m sorry Danny, but it’s definitely time for you to go home” —Wes

Wes and Danny clearly have an asymmetrical friendship. Both of them described the other as his “best friend” last night, but they clearly have different ideas of what that means. When Danny was telling Mandi about how much he and Wes have been through, he quickly started talking about finding out about the death of his mother during the filming of Real World: Austin, and how Wes was his only shoulder to cry on (well, I guess Melinda, his future wife, was there too. And Nehemiah was pretty supportive, if I recall. OK, Wes was one of several shoulders to cry on). Danny started breaking down in describing how Wes was like a brother to him.

Meanwhile, Wes didn’t even need someone else to suggest the idea of throwing Danny under the bus—he brought it up himself. With Wes and his alliance still worried about the dominance of Kenny and Laurel, but still working with Ryan to manipulate who Kenny and Laurel throw in, Wes, Evelyn, CJ, and Landon sat down to discuss possible victims.

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