NBA Playoff Preview: Magic v. Hawks

A BIT SUPERFLUOUS AT THIS POINT, NO? True, the Magic’s 43-point win in Game 1 has eliminated most of the mainstream media’s initial enthusiasm for this series. But not mine!

YOU’RE STILL ENTHUSED FOR THIS SERIES? No, I never was. So, the 43-point Game 1 didn’t really change my outlook at all. This series should be broadcast entirely on NBA TV.

DIDN’T YOU SAY THE LINE OF DEMARCATION IN THE EAST WAS AFTER THE HAWKS? I meant that a line of demarcation was after the Hawks. There can be more than one!

TELL THAT TO SPAIN AND PORTUGAL! It’s a Treaty of Tordesillas joke!

WHY SHOULD I WATCH THIS SERIES? Unless you’re overly nostalgic about the end of the Joe Johnson Era in Atlanta, you shouldn’t. Even if you’re an Orlando Magic fan, you shouldn’t watch this series; you will regret the overconfidence you will have going into the East Finals if you do.

CAN THE HAWKS STEAL ONE SECOND-ROUND WIN BEFORE JOHNSON LEAVES FOR GOOD? I thought it before Game 1, and I still think it now: Atlanta grabs Game 3 at home! The Hawks aren’t that close in Game 4 and are knocked out in 5.


WHY CAN’T THE HAWKS BEAT THE MAGIC? We can dance around the point and dive into the matchup issues Orlando poses for Atlanta—how the Magic can run with the Hawks, aren’t athletically inferior, and can pound them inside with Dwight Howard over Al Horford—or we could say that the Magic are a much better basketball team than the Hawks, and be done with it.

IS ATLANTA ANY CLOSER IN GAME 2? It would be hard not to be, right? I’m fairly confident in saying that the Hawks will not be down by 46 points at any point in this series from here on out.

WHAT’S THE STORYLINE NOBODY’S BRINGING UP? Dwight Howard is an Atlanta kid! I imagine this has been brought up; I haven’t really sought out Magic-Hawks coverage in the last few days.

ANY CONCERN IN ORLANDO? Well, heading into the playoffs, one of the issues brought up about the Magic was their lack of a late-game, go-to scorer. Jameer Nelson was that guy in the first round in the one tight game Orlando played with Charlotte (Game 3). If the Magic continue to cruise into the East Finals, though, that question won’t really be answered until it has to be against the Cavs (or, I suppose, the Celtics). On the flip side, one of the reasons I wasn’t as concerned with the lack of a late-game go-to scorer for Orlando is that it won so many of its games in the second half of the year handily. And it’s not exactly a bad thing to keep beating opponents handily.

SO, TO REITERATE: Magic in 5.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by John S on May 6, 2010 at 4:56 PM

    Game 1 was a classic letdown game. When you beat the Bucks in a such an anticipated and media-hyped series, there’s bound to be a letdown. Just wait until this series returns to the Highlight Factory!


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