Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat 2, Week 5 Power Rankings

“I would die for Wes” —Danny

“I’m sorry Danny, but it’s definitely time for you to go home” —Wes

Wes and Danny clearly have an asymmetrical friendship. Both of them described the other as his “best friend” last night, but they clearly have different ideas of what that means. When Danny was telling Mandi about how much he and Wes have been through, he quickly started talking about finding out about the death of his mother during the filming of Real World: Austin, and how Wes was his only shoulder to cry on (well, I guess Melinda, his future wife, was there too. And Nehemiah was pretty supportive, if I recall. OK, Wes was one of several shoulders to cry on). Danny started breaking down in describing how Wes was like a brother to him.

Meanwhile, Wes didn’t even need someone else to suggest the idea of throwing Danny under the bus—he brought it up himself. With Wes and his alliance still worried about the dominance of Kenny and Laurel, but still working with Ryan to manipulate who Kenny and Laurel throw in, Wes, Evelyn, CJ, and Landon sat down to discuss possible victims.

Wes suggests pulling names out of hat (an idea he always seems to be in favor of), but CJ and Evelyn don’t believe they should have to go into Exile a second time when others haven’t been in once. Rather than suggest Landon, who Wes can’t afford to alienate, or Jenn and Ryan, who Wes considers “tools on his tool belt” since they are spies in Kenny’s alliance—and Wes certainly isn’t going to volunteer himself—he suggests sending in Danny. Danny and Sandy, after all, have proved to be a pretty weak team, and Wes seems to think they have no chance of winning.*

*The irony, of course, is that Wes and Mandi have performed even worse than Danny and Sandy in the competitions. Wes, though, doesn’t really see this point.

Danny is, understandably, upset by his friend’s betrayal, and doesn’t really buy into Wes’ request for him to “take one for the alliance.” Danny at least asks Wes to send him in against Ryan and Theresa, since they are the weakest team, but Wes can’t even do that much, since he and Evelyn are committed to sending Pete and Jillian in again.

Of course, all of this would be moot if someone could beat Kenny and Laurel in the challenge. And aside from a few disqualifications—which included a pretty embarrassing performance by Evelyn and a pretty traumatic fall by Carley, who, according to Noor, made “the noise of a pregnant manatee or a dying whale”—a few people almost did. Wes and Mandi had their best performance to date, but it was Ryan and Theresa who stunned everyone with the best time going into Kenny and Laurel’s turn. Alas, Kenny and Laurel are unstoppable, and they win again. It was pretty telling that while every other girl needed to take a running start to jump onto the jumping bag at the end of the course, all Laurel had to do was reach out and grab it. She’s a beast.

So Kenny and Laurel, presumably as per the request of Ryan, send Danny and Sandy into Exile, and Wes and Co. vote in Pete and Jillian to face them. Before going in, Danny tells CJ and Landon that if Wes wouldn’t send Ryan in against Danny, he certainly won’t send him in against either of them. If this doesn’t convince them to jump from the Wes/Ev alliance, then I don’t know what will.

The Exile ends up being the closest elimination to date, with only one minute separating the two teams. Danny and Sandy get off to a great start, in part due to Sandy’s skill with puzzles.* Eventually, though, Danny and Sandy burn out, and Jillian and Pete surge ahead at the last second.

*When Sandy said, “I’m pretty good with numbers,” did anyone else think “Yeah, we know. You’re Asian”? No? OK, let’s move on.

Stop! It’s ranking time:

Eliminated: Danny and Sandy

Of course I wasn’t rooting for Danny, but after the way Wes screwed him, and the surprisingly reasonable way Danny handled it, I wasn’t actively rooting against him either. It was weird.

8. Peter and Jillian (—): They’ve won two Exiles now, but there is some discord between them, and they remain the primary targets of Wes and Evelyn.

7. Noor and Jenn (—): I’m not sure how valuable either alliance considers this team. The fact that they are playing both sides may work for them in the short-term, but it could also backfire very quickly.

6. Ryan and Theresa (+3): Danny made a good point (shocking, I know) when he said that Wes and Evelyn are keeping Ryan and Theresa around in case one of them has to go into Exile.

5. Wes and Mandi (-1): I don’t know if Wes realizes this, but as the number of competitors dwindles, so does the value of his alliance.

4. Luke and Evelyn (-1): It was really stunning to see Evelyn fail so miserably at a challenge. Laurel has clearly passed her as the best female, which is stunning. This is like Nadal beating Federer, as far as I’m concerned.

3. CJ and Sydney (+2): This is a pretty surprising jump for these two, but they have been to an Exile once, have proven to be good in challenges, and have played the alliance game pretty well.

2. Landon and Carley (—): I advocated this last week, but I’ll try again: Landon and CJ should jump ship. Wes is clearly willing to throw anyone under the bus as long as he’s in charge, so switching sides will at least allow them to fracture the Wes/Evelyn dominance.

1. Kenny and Laurel (—): As I said, Kenny and Laurel are unstoppable.

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  1. Posted by james Schneider on May 6, 2010 at 3:25 PM

    This is where i’ll have to get creative…Kenny>Evan


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  3. […] *For his part, Wes blamed Kenny for being a lousy leader, a bad teammate, and a bad friend. But Wes really can’t play those cards… […]


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