Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat 2, Week 7 Power Rankings

“Is it annoying because I won most of them?” —Laurel

“Mandi is screaming at Wes to keep up…that’s one for the record books. Now Wes knows how Casey felt.” —Evelyn

For a Wes-hater like myself, you really couldn’t ask for a better episode. First, his relationship with Theresa was derailed when she found out—via Evelyn—that Wes and Kelly Anne were not as finished as he had led her to believe. Evidently, they hooked up the weekend before Fresh Meat II started and Wes promised her he wouldn’t get involved with anyone on the show. After finding this out, Theresa went from believing that Wes is a “good guy” to thinking he is kind of shady.

This shadiness also came back to haunt Wes in the game. For only the second time all season, Kenny and Laurel lost a challenge in which they tried. Once again, defeat came at the hands of Landon and Carley. This challenge was basically a puzzle—there was a cool-looking waterslide at the beginning, but it really came down to the players’ ability to memorize a puzzle in the water and reconstruct it ashore.

With all the power out of Kenny’s hands for once, the game was firmly in Landon’s control. Now, in the course of my anti-Wes agenda, it may have occasionally seemed like I was staunchly pro-Kenny. I do like Kenny, but Landon is really my favorite contestant, and how he handled his win was an example of why. There are a couple of ways he could have played it: First, he could have simply stuck with Wes/Evelyn. As Evelyn said, the outsiders do need to band together against Kenny and Laurel at this point, and that probably would have been the smart strategic move.

On the other hand, he could have gone to Kenny and offered to throw in Evelyn or Wes in return for a guaranteed spot in the finals. That would have been the Machiavellian move, and Evelyn seemed convinced that that’s what happened. But he didn’t do that.

He also could have simply voted Wes in out of retribution for his betrayal last week. But that wasn’t his reasoning: He sent Wes in because all of Wes’ plotting has kept Wes out of Exile until now and Landon wants Wes to prove himself. That’s why I like Landon: He’s all about the competition, not the politics. And his distaste for Wes’ politics motivated him to make Wes prove himself.

With Wes thrown in, there was nobody to vote with Evelyn, so she got voted into Exile against her only partner. This basically ensured that the Wes/Evelyn Alliance was doomed. No matter who won, the returning team would be completely without allies.

As if that weren’t enough, though, we got to see Wes—the self-proclaimed “god amongst men”*—turned in one of the most embarrassing Exile performances to date. The mere fact that Evelyn compared him to Casey, possibly the worst player in Challenge history, should shame Wes. Mandi, who was not exactly a fearsome competitor herself, was so fed up with Wes’ exhausted, winded, pathetic performance that, after the loss was official, she declared her intent to come back for another Challenge: “I need to make up for the money that Wes (bleeping) lost for me this time.”

*This is misleading. That quote is not from Wes, but a sarcastic one from Kenny. Even so, Wes has come damn close to saying the same thing.

Evelyn’s win was bittersweet for her: She is now the only player left from her Alliance. The pressure and isolation can really get to you…as we saw with Laurel. This was the first episode that really showed much of Laurel’s personality—she’s mainly just been shown dominating challenges until now. And, well, she is weird. She doesn’t get along with the other girls, and she confronted two or three players in this episode, basically asking them “Why don’t you like me?” She reminded me of pretty much every girl from middle school.

Even so, I still like her. The other girls seem to think she’s arrogant, but, well, she deserves to be arrogant. She’s been fucking awesome at this game. As Muhammad Ali said, “It’s not bragging if you can back it up.” It’s not like she’s actively taunting other teams; she just knows she’s the best, and she is.

You better open a window because it’s about to get Rank:

Eliminated: Wes and Mandi

Maybe the most pathetic thing about Wes’ Exile performance was his excuse that he was “carrying a lot more weight” than Mandi. Really, Wes? You probably weigh 100 pounds more than her. You couldn’t handle an extra 20?

6. Luke and Evelyn (—): This team needs to win either a challenge or an Exile in both episodes before the finale. We’ll need to see a return of dominant Evelyn for that to happen.

5. Ryan and Theresa (-1): Evelyn accused Ryan of having “no loyalty to anyone,” which is pretty rich coming from a girl that threw Landon under the bus last week.

4. Landon and Carley (+1): They move up a spot after winning, but they are still the odd ones out in Kenny’s Alliance, so they’ll probably have to face Luke and Evelyn if they don’t win.

3. Noor and Jenn (—): Jenn told Evelyn that she would have to betray someone in this game no matter what, but who did she really “betray”? Did she ever commit to one side?

2. Pete and Jillian (—): This team has benefited the most from Wes leaving and Evelyn losing power, since they were always in that alliance’s crosshairs.

1. Kenny and Laurel (—): There’s a lesson here, Wes: You come at the king, you best not miss.

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  1. Posted by james Schneider on May 20, 2010 at 8:32 PM

    Kenny>Wes. I loved writing that.


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