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In Defense of Jughandles

New Jersey is a state a lot of people like to make fun of. It is popularly stereotyped by its two famous television programs–The Sopranos and Jersey Shore*–and is home to all sorts of crazy quirks, from the law prohibiting us to pump our own gas to the pungent odor north of Exit 13 on the New Jersey Turnpike to the fact that we all live, better or worse, within a modest drive of a major highway. I’m generally okay with my home state being mischaracterized by those who live outside it; they just don’t “get” New Jersey.

*It should be noted that the stereotyping is carried out by people who don’t understand either show.

But it does bother me when New Jerseyans themselves don’t understand when their state gets something right. Enter: jughandles.

Let’s be clear from the start: Everyone hates jughandles–not just New Jerseyans. It’s that everyone else doesn’t deal with them on an everyday basis like we do. At the same time, jughandles are great. Anyone who doesn’t understand why jughandles are great ignores the basic constitution of New Jersey suburbs, which essentially boils down to a dense residential population that has to drive to reach commercial zones.

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