Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat 2, Week 8 Power Rankings

“Evelyn is fuming, but, you know, every time Evelyn loses a challenge, an angel gets his wings.” —Ryan

“How do you know my name?” —Carley

I hate you, MTV. I hate you with a fiery passion strong enough to wean America off of foreign oil.

At least once a season, it seems, MTV annoyingly cuts to the dreaded “To Be Continued” screen before the winner of the elimination is shown. Usually, though, the cut comes at the beginning of the elimination round, before the suspense has built. Last night, though, the cut came after Evelyn and Luke had already finished their Exile course, but since Landon and Carley had completed the reward puzzle, they could finish up to five minutes after Luke and Ev and still win.

The Exile itself was the most exciting one yet. It was more or less the same as it was when Landon and Carley beat CJ and Sydney, but with two important twists. First, there were 50 pounds added to the amount of weight each team had to carry. Even more intriguing, though, was that this time it was at night…in the dark. So neither team could see where they were going, making it even harder to keep the buckets of weight from swinging.

This Exile was simply too intense for Carley, who was literally delirious by the first checkpoint. She was so delirious, in fact, that she couldn’t remember where she was or who Landon was, asking him how he knew her name. At that point, Landon had to not only do all the checkpoint puzzles himself, but also take all of the team’s weight for himself, as well as try to will his incoherent partner through the course by talking her through it and guiding her steps.  Honestly, if Landon manages to pull this win off, they should just give him the final prize.

Unfortunately, he may not even get to the final challenge. Not only does he have less than five minutes to finish Exile to stay alive, but even if he wins this one, he and Carley are probably going in next week as well.

As this episode opened, Landon realized that he had made a mistake in joining Wes’ Alliance, which now consists only of Evelyn. He tried to use the only leverage he had available to him—the ability to set the order of the next challenge—to win him some favor with Kenny. Landon offered to put Kenny and Laurel third-to-last in the challenge if Kenny would let Landon go into Exile against the team of his choosing. Even though Kenny is fond of Landon, this was just too little, too late—Landon made his bed when he aligned with Wes, and now Kenny won’t turn on the players who were loyal to him earlier.

The order probably didn’t play much of a role in the challenge anyway. In one of the better challenges of the season, the goal was to build a puzzle out of stones in the middle of a ring. The catch, though, was that your teammate would be suspended from a rope above where the puzzle had to be constructed, meaning the guys had to throw their girls around the ring like they were the clapper of a bell.* If MTV can’t figure out how to design challenges that level the playing field for guys and girls, then the next best thing is to have challenges that essentially remove the girl altogether by making them little more than props.

*If you didn’t know that the middle part of a bell that hits the sides is called the “clapper,” then don’t feel bad: I had to look it up.

Actually, in this challenge, Laurel’s size proved to be a disadvantage, since Kenny had trouble throwing her away for long enough to work on the puzzle. They finished (unlike two other teams), but not with the best time, leaving the door open for Landon or Evelyn to save themselves from Exile. Evelyn’s partner, Luke, though, put on an embarrassing performance, and they were one of the two teams not to complete the challenge (Ryan and Theresa being the other). The team that did step up and win was Noor and Jenn, as this provided Noor with his first real opportunity to show his quickness.

With a member of Kenny’s alliance winning, the deliberations were predictable: Noor and Jenn sent Evelyn and Luke into Exile, and the mob voted in Landon and Carley. The only real tension was between Evelyn and her partner, since Luke doesn’t have the same intense, mad-at-the-world-when-I-lose attitude as Evelyn. She tried to talk about how frustrated she was that Luke was holding her back, but as Kenny pointed out to Luke, she’s screwed up just as many challenges as he has. Just because he doesn’t huddle in the corner like the main character of a Lifetime movie about cutting doesn’t mean he’s necessarily a worse competitor.

Hold on one second, I’m drawing a rank:

Eliminated: NONE

6. Landon and Carley (-2): I have a lot of confidence in them and wouldn’t be surprised if they won, but since they didn’t cross the finish line yet, I’m putting Ev and Luke one spot ahead.

5. Luke and Evelyn (+1): If they end up losing, then Evelyn’s decision to forego the final puzzle will look really dumb.

4. Ryan and Theresa (+1): Ryan almost betrayed Kenny last night when he considered voting with Landon in return for protection. It would have been pretty cold-blooded to betray Kenny now, but I think Ryan knows his chances in an Exile are not good.

3. Pete and Jillian (-1): I thought this team had the best chance to win the challenge, since Jillian is so petite and, presumably, easy to throw.

2. Noor and Jenn (+1): An impressive win moves them to #2 and probably keeps them out of Exile for the whole game. As Noor said, “What’s Exile?”

1. Kenny and Laurel (—): Right now, Kenny is the Godfather.

6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by james Schneider on May 30, 2010 at 12:40 AM

    For one week only. Landon>Everyone except kenny


  2. Posted by ms_starr on May 31, 2010 at 11:25 PM

    i really hate that I like Kenny this season!! and I really hope Landon/Carley win..I wouldn’t mind seeing L/C and K/L in the finals!


  3. Posted by qwerty on June 1, 2010 at 2:44 AM

    this exile really makes me appreciate Landon. it shows what a gentleman he is because he helps Carley and he’s very calm to her even in this stressful situation. so props to you


  4. […] win by leading a barely lucid Carley across the finish line in the five extra minutes his team had at the end of last week, Evelyn went berserk. She started crying, throwing rocks, and blaming her partner Luke for the […]


  5. Posted by Jasmine on June 3, 2010 at 8:06 PM

    I applaud Landon for being calm and being a gentleman towards Carly. If it was any other guy like Wes or CJ they would be yelling at the girl. I really hope Landon wins Fresh Meat II.

    Evelyn on the other hand needs to stop being whiny, it was completely her fault they lost the exile. Luke wanted to do the puzzle but Evelyn thinking she knows everything wanted to skip thinking Landon and Carly were done and out. Boo hoo next time listen to your partner.


  6. […] in the end, though, the most impressive performer was, once again, Landon. Just two weeks after willing a barely-conscious Carley through one of the toughest Exiles of the game, Landon basically did the same thing in the final challenge. This time Carley never lost […]


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