Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat 2, Week 9 Power Rankings

“As of right now I ain’t really feeling how she’s acting towards you. It’s kind of whack to be honest…I’ve never seen a four-year-old on this show before.” —TJ Lavin

“Poor Jillian! I feel so bad pushing her down to the ground. I don’t want to do this!” —Laurel

Wow, so TJ Lavin really doesn’t like Evelyn. After calling her out for throwing a challenge back in The Ruins, Lavin called Evelyn a four-year-old last night for the tantrum she threw after losing the Exile. Not since Jim Joyce has a supposedly impartial body thrown himself so directly into a sporting event.

Not that Evelyn didn’t deserve it. After Landon managed to pull off the miraculous win by leading a barely lucid Carley across the finish line in the five extra minutes his team had at the end of last week, Evelyn went berserk. She started crying, throwing rocks, and blaming her partner Luke for the loss.* She made a German spectacle of herself, and it was pretty pathetic. Or, as TJ so eloquently put it, “kind of whack.”

*Which is just ridiculous. Evelyn said that she could win any competition when she didn’t have “a teammate weighing her down,” but she obviously hasn’t been paying attention during FM II. As I said last week, she cost her team just as many challenges this season as Luke did. Even in this Exile, it was HER decision to forego the last puzzle, which caused the five-minute penalty that ultimately caused the loss. I should say that I agreed with that decision at the time, but for her to blame Luke for the loss, particularly when her opponent was basically just Landon carrying ALL the weight as well as Carley’s carcass, is just fucking absurd.

None of this should overshadow just how impressive Landon’s win was (and it was Landon’s win, since Carley was nothing but a burden for most of the race), but things still looked bleak for them heading back to the house. With the Kenny Alliance so airtight that Ryan and Jenn were, out of nothing but a sense of fairness (since they are the only two who haven’t been to Exile yet), offering to go into the next Exile against whomever came back from the Evelyn/Landon duel, it was looking like Landon was going to have to win the next challenge to be safe.

Luckily for him, though, MTV changed things up for the last challenge before the final: Instead of deliberations, the final Exile would be determined by performance in the penultimate challenge. The top three teams would advance automatically to the final, but the bottom two would go to Exile.

The challenge itself was the longest obstacle course in Challenge history, consisting of 10 different stages, including climbing trees, carrying logs, crawling through the mud, and smashing through doors. The final stage involved each team trying to get passed one of the other teams, which had been assigned to block them from the finish line. This final stage led to one of the most hilarious images of this (or any) Challenge, when Big Bad Laurel had the task of blocking the smallest girl, Jillian.

It’s important to realize that Jillian is not a bad competitor, she’s just small. And, really, she had no chance going up against Laurel in a physical confrontation. What made the scene so funny was that both of them knew that, and that Laurel felt really bad about it. Every time Laurel pushed Jillian to the ground she would apologize—“Sorry, Jillian! I’m sorry. Sorry Jill.” Etc.—…and then Jillian would get back up and Laurel would push her down again. Eventually Jillian just decided to crawl through the mud to the finish line, but even then Laurel kept nudging her back and standing in her way.

Honestly, it was a triumph of Jillian’s Sisyphean perseverance that she finished at all, and it was positively crucial that she finished when she did, because Pete and Jillian ended up finishing in third place, only two seconds—the duration of one more push to the ground from Laurel—ahead of Noor and Jenn. With Kenny and Laurel finishing (predictably) in first,* and Landon and Carley finishing behind them, that meant that the only two teams to have avoided Exile so far—Noor/Jenn and Ryan/Theresa—would be going in.

*Laurel’s dominance is comical at this point. While the non-competing teams were on the sidelines observing the course, the guys were giving words of encouragement to their female partners. But when Kenny tried to tell Laurel, “Don’t slow down,” she just shot back with: “Have I ever?”

But that’s next week. This week, we rank:

Eliminated: Luke and Evelyn

Fresh Meat II was a rough Challenge for Evelyn. Not only did Laurel emphatically steal her title as “Best Girl,” but she also acted like a petulant, spoiled child throughout the competition.

5. Ryan and Theresa (-1): If only one team from the Kenny Alliance had had to go in against Landon, then it really should have been these two since they haven’t won anything.

4. Noor and Jenn (-2): Jenn was smart to not want to go last in this one, since there was no real value gained by watching the other teams go, and it ended up being dark by the time they took their turn on the course.

3. Pete and Jillian ( — ): If you’re invested in the fate of the Pete/Jenn relationship, then watch this video.

2. Landon and Carley (+4): I’m very happy that Landon will make it to the finals. He deserves it, and he’s probably Kenny/Laurel’s biggest threat.

1. Kenny and Laurel ( — ): What else is new? They’re on top.

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