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The Definitive Consolation Match Preview!

Here at NPI, we’ve pretty much proven beyond a reasonable doubt that we’re not exactly your go-to source for soccer information. That said, when it comes time for the World Cup Consolation Match between Germany and Uruguay this afternoon, who is your go-to source of information? We are stunned and indeed saddened by the dearth of hype for this all-important game. This is our attempt to remedy that void, with both a Beginner’s Guide to Consolation Matches and a preview of the game itself.

Who or what is a ‘consolation match’? Well, the teams that get pretty far but not to the championship get to play another game anyway, for, you know, consolation. It’s actually a pretty cute idea, isn’t it?

How is this in any way consoling? If you win, you finish in third.

And if you lose? Fourth.

And if the game didn’t take place? You’d NEVER know!

But couldn’t you kind of dance around that and be all, “Yeah, we pretty much finished in third.” Seems pretty disingenuous to me.

So, umm, when did this game start? The World Cup has had a Consolation Game ever since its second edition, way back in 1934. Consolation Games, in general, were invented earlier in the 20th century by the same guy who later popularized the Participation Certificate.

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