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Unabated to the QB, Week 5: Perfect No More

“Everything perfect of its kind must transcend its kind: it must become something other, something incomparable.”

“Certain shortcomings are essential for the individual’s existence.”

–Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Elective Affinities

It was a thrilling moment on Sunday, when those underdog Indianapolis Colts were able to hang on and defeat the NFL’s decade-long behemoth, the Kansas City Chiefs, to finally end yet another run at perfection.

Wait, what?

The Colts did beat the Chiefs, but that’s about the only aspect of that sentence that’s accurate — unless you find field-goal kicking especially thrilling. And now, just five weeks into the NFL season, there are no unbeaten teams left.

Kinda sad, right? A potential season-long storyline gone, right? A chance at historical transcendence done with, right?


Well, sort of wrong.

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Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Cutthroat, Week 2 Power Rankings

“Mandi seeks the warm embrace that only Chet can offer”—Chet

“Their whole strategy on this thing—it’s like someone in a mental institution came up with it. And then I realize that Abe came up with it, so that’s not too far off.” —Johnny

Ah, the inevitable Challenge hookups. Last night saw two on the rise, one of which would flourish by the end while the other would be stifled. First, there was Mandi and Chet. Although Mandi insisted that she usually is not attracted to guys who wear pink shirts and coke-bottle glasses, she enjoys spending time with the charming Chet, and even called him her hero when he killed a bee for her.

She only liked him more after Chet came to her defense against Laurel, who started calling Mandi a slut for allegedly hooking up with Chet. Of course, Laurel is just being a bitch—there’s no way that the strictly Mormon Chet, who on Real World: Brooklyn claimed to have never seen a woman naked, would have sex with Mandi after knowing her for like a week—but it was chivalrous of Chet to come to Mandi’s defense anyway. Laurel claimed she was trying to “push Mandi to her breaking point,”* but I’m sure it was just leftover animosity from Fresh Meat II, when those two didn’t get along. Continue reading

Survivor Survival Guide: “Turf Wars”

“NaOnka just seems like a high school girl. She’s irrational, she’s crazy, she just seems like she’s on her period all the time. Rain is not that big of a deal here.”


As far as Survivor contrivances go, not much tops shaking up the tribes, or as JudFabio put it, “the old switcheroo.” In fact, I once called it “the single most manipulative thing that can happen during a season.” Everyone, especially JudFabio as I’ve officially decided to call him, looked pretty shocked, leading Josh to tweet, “There is little better on Survivor than the reaction shots to tribal merge/switch announcements.”

As far as tribe switches go, though, this one was fairly mild. The “Previously on…” created more of a Marty versus Jimmy T. conflict in the old Espada tribe* than there was (or at least, than we were led to believe as recently as last episode). Truth be told, alliances hadn’t really emerged yet. I suppose you could say Marty and Jill were tight — and they still are. Brenda was cool with both Chase and NaOnka, but they hadn’t gotten the chance to really work together, since they had only been to Tribal once. Does the swap shake up the game? Absolutely. Does it ruin people’s strategic plans? Not ruin as much as challenge. I was with Marty when he said, “It would take something extraordinary, off-the-charts, completely whacked-out to destroy my plans now.” He was right; it was very difficult to imagine a scenario in which his fellow (at-the-time) Espadians would have voted him out (and even then, he has a hidden immunity idol). Now, with Marty moving to La Flor, his plan is altered but not ruined. It’s more expedited than anything else.

*Get the double meaning?

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