Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Cutthroat, Week 3 Power Rankings

“Hang in there, TJ.” —Ayiiia


Like MTV, John S would like to send his thoughts to TJ Lavin, who unfortunately got into a nasty bike accident last week and was put into a medically induced coma. Lavin’s been showing positive signs recently, and we know he’s no quitter, so there’s reason to be optimistic. Let’s hope he pulls through, because I can’t imagine a better host for The Challenge.





This was, in all honesty, one of the meanest, nastiest, and ultimately most depressing episodes in Challenge history. Katie got into a fight with Emily after she was voted into the Gulag. Ty, in trying to defend Emily, got into his own fight with Katie and eventually threatened to hit Katie, which made Katie so mad that she had to be restrained and calmed down by Brandon. Eventually, Katie herself broke down and confessed to Brandon that she was only acting out because she was sad and her feelings were hurt.

Meanwhile, Sarah yelled at Shauvon for being a burden to the Gray team and, when she went to talk to her privately, instead of issuing an apology as I—and I assume a lot of viewers—expected, she actually talked Shauvon into quitting the game. Shauvon, for her part, was one of three girls (along with Paula and Katie) to tell Johnny that nobody likes him. And Johnny went out and got into a bar fight with total strangers in Prague (a fight that the MTV cameras of course missed).

All of this, though, was nothing compared to the totally unprovoked and comprehensive and brutal tirade that Laurel unleashed on Eric. The drunken diatribe—in which Laurel attacked Eric’s weight, hair color, physical appearance, success (or alleged lack thereof) with women, and penis size, among other things—was so brutal that Laurel felt the need to resort to both Facebook and in order to issue apologies not only to Eric but to anyone who ever had her respect. When something demands that much contrition, you know it was bad.

As for the actual competition itself, that was far less eventful. The challenge involved the teams hopping across a series of platforms suspended over the water. The platforms got smaller and smaller, and any player who fell of was DQed. Since the challenge involved both heights and water, a combination that did not work out well for her last time, Shauvon panicked and refused to jump. Despite Sarah’s verbal onslaught and Abram’s words of encouragement, the Gray team couldn’t get her to jump, and since she refused to even attempt a jump, the whole team was disqualified. Blue and Red, meanwhile, each had three DQs, and Red had the better time, giving them the win. Now all three teams have one win apiece.

For the Gulags, Shauvon, having some sense of fairness, nominated herself, but Gray had some disagreement over what guy to send in. Sarah suggested her old partner Vinny because she thought he had the best chance to take out whomever Blue sent in. This angered Vinny, who told Sarah not to talk to him for the rest of the Challenge, but most of the rest of the team agreed, so he got sent in. On the Blue side, the choice for the girl came down to the rookie Emily as well as Katie and Theresa, who DQed in the challenge. Katie, sensing that her time was running out, did not handle it well and lashed out at the rest of her team for throwing her in. For the guys, Eric, despite performing well in the challenge, was thrown into the Gulag over Ty—the Blue team is understandably hoping to avoid a repeat of The Gauntlet III.

The Gulag competition was a weird one, in which the competitors had to roll a giant die from one spot to another with the correct number face up….while standing on top of the die. Though it looked like he was about to fall off pretty much the whole time, Eric beat Vinny in a close match. Meanwhile, Shauvon, having been persuaded by Sarah’s complete-opposite-of-a-pep-talk, forfeits before the competition begins, drawing the understandable ire of the wonderful TJ Lavin.

These rankings are for you, TJ:


Shauvon (Gray), Vinny (Gray)

Losing Shauvon was definitely a good thing for Gray, but I think they will miss Vinny, as petulant as he was in defeat.

Guys in Danger: Brandon (Red), Eric (Blue), Luke (Gray)

The Blue team was obviously not thrilled to get Eric back—his win earned some of the most half-hearted applause the show has ever seen—so they’ll probably throw him in again.

Girls in Danger: Melinda (Red), Katie (Blue), Ayiiia (Gray)

Shauvon’s forfeit means Katie didn’t even get a chance to prove herself, and she knows that means she’ll be headed back into the Gulag next time.

18. Camila (Red, +2): I’m still not sure if Camilla’s ahead of Melinda, but we’ll see as soon as Red loses.

17. Emily (Blue, +2): If Katie convinces Blue to send in another girl, it’ll likely be Emily.

16. Dan (Gray, +2): Gray guys are dropping like flies, and Dan may be in danger soon if Luke proves himself.

15. Chet (Red, +3): With nine players and now a win, Red may actually be the strongest team around.

14. Ty (Blue, +2): This episode officially established that his team considers him stronger and more valuable than Eric.

13. Cara Maria (Gray, —): Between her, Sarah, and Laurel, Gray has three strong girls.

12. Tyler (Red, +2): I still really don’t like Tyler and I still don’t know why his team values him so much.

11. Theresa (Blue, +1): She’s right behind Jenn on the Blue girls pecking order.

10. Sarah (Gray, -3): Some uncharacteristically Machiavellian maneuvering from Sarah in this episode.

9. Jenn (Blue, +1): In an episode with so much fighting, you’d have expected Jenn to be involved in at least one altercation….

8. Johnny (Blue, -2): His unlikability is already rearing its ugly head, plus he now has an injury from his bar fight.

7. Dunbar (Red, +1): He gets a bump because his team won, but I still think he’s an overrated player.

6. Tori (Red, N/A): It’s so sweet when Brad and Tori work together in a challenge.

5. Derrick (Blue, —): Derrick should really take a more assertive role on Blue so Johnny doesn’t become a problem.

4. Brad (Red, —): In addition to perhaps being the strongest team, Brad is probably the sanest leader to have.

3. Paula (Red, —): Wait, is Paula a lesbian? Didn’t she have a boyfriend in Real World: Key West? Or is Emily just so attractive that she turns straight girls?

2. Laurel (Gray, -1): I’m sorry, but an outburst like that and a DQ is no way for our #1 to behave.

1. Abram (Gray, +1): Abram retakes the crown with his compassionate counseling of Shauvon. Even if it didn’t work, that’s what leaders do.



6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sal on October 21, 2010 at 10:02 AM

    Poor Eric – You can’t help but feel bad for Eric after this episode. Laurel’s diatribe on Eric was unwarranted, personally attacking and relentless. Laurel has laced many drunken rant’s against her female competitors but none compare to this uncalled for and over the top attack. More on Big Easy, this challenge format works against Eric. His teammates obviously don’t want him around and as you predicted last week, will send him into the Gulag until he’s eliminated. Eric would fare much better in a formate that allows him more control of his own destiny. As a human-being, one has to feel bad for this person who only wants to improve himself.

    I don’t think I’m going to far out on a limb by calling Shauvon the worst female in challenge history. Casey was bad but got by on sex appeal. Brook was bad but gave an honest effort. Katie at least has some self-belief. Shauvon is just plain terrible in every part of the game; competition, teamwork, relationship. If they had played the woman’s Gulag, I doubt Sauvon or Katie would be able to complete the task.

    I too had Vinny pretty high on my personal power rankings. (5th guy). Maybe theres something going on we don’t know about. He looks strong, but last season he was on the 2nd team eliminated and this year the 3rd out. Sarah, his old teammate even proposed he go in and at this early stage in the game, voting your stronger players into the Gulag is not the way to go.

    I’ve been sick of Johnny since The Island. His 2 challenge wins came when he teamed up with Evan and Kenny. Hes unlikeable, selfish and a terrible leader. I agree with you, Derrick should take command of Blue Team

    This challenge is missing the energy of the other challenges. Its mostly been filled with conspiring teammates and retartded fights. Its lacking the levity that Evan, Kenny and Mark brought to challenges, the arousing drama with Wes, and the hot hook-ups. I forecast CT will turn this game upside down and I can’t wait for his debut. My prediction is he will serve as a ‘terminator type person’ but if he is placed on a team, that team almost certainly becomes the favorite.

    As expected Katie’s blow up came soon after she was voted in.

    I think my personal Challenge adage is upheld this series; ‘a team is only as strong as its girls’

    You’re spot on about Brad and Abram. Abram gets extra points too for never calling out his team for putting in Cara Marie.

    I love the RR/RW updates! Keep em coming!


  2. Posted by james Schneider on October 21, 2010 at 3:18 PM

    Chet>Tyler….I think. Eric-35 pounds=good? WE NEED CT


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