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In Search of 68, Season Preview

You all know of my efforts–foolhardy or not–to predict the 65 teams in the NCAA Tournament in the past. Well, now my job got (ostensibly) harder this season, with the move to 68 teams. But rather than lament this new hindrance, I’ve embraced it. Here, for the first time ever, I’m trying to predict all 68 before the season even starts. Bold? You bet. Accurate? No way.

1 Duke Michigan State Ohio State Villanova
2 Pittsburgh Kansas State Missouri Washington
3 Baylor Temple North Carolina Kansas
4 Florida Georgetown Memphis Gonzaga
5 Illinois Tennessee Syracuse Purdue
6 Virginia Tech BYU San Diego State Butler
7 Kentucky Minnesota Richmond West Virginia
8 Marquette NC State Florida State Texas
9 UNLV Texas A&M Georgia Arizona
10 UCLA Maryland Mississippi State Wisconsin
11 Xavier St. John’s Notre Dame Vanderbilt
12 Murray State v. Washington State Old Dominion Wichita State Dayton v. Clemson
13 Utah State Morehead State Wofford Ohio
14 Stephen F. Austin Coastal Carolina Western Kentucky Weber State
15 Princeton Lehigh Lipscomb UC Santa Barbara
16 Fairfield Oakland v. Jackson State Boston U. v. Morgan State Quinnipiac

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Cracking the NCAA Vault: The Best from 2010

I wrote—albeit briefly—about my love of the NCAA Vault late last season. For the uninitiated, the NCAA Vault contains every NCAA Tournament game from the Sweet 16 on played since 2000. That is 165 games in all. That is, in fact, too much for you to rationally sort through to figure out which games are worth skipping to the end, which games are worth perusing, and which merit full-blown opening-tip-to-final-buzzer immersion.

That’s why I’m here.

As part of our comprehensive college basketball preview over the next few days, I’ll be breaking down the contents of the NCAA Vault (and March Madness On Demand, which houses all 64 games from last season’s epic Tournament). Whether you’re in the mood to see a great individual performance, a team operating on all cylinders, or the moments when an eventual champion came closest to elimination, I’ve got you covered.

Sounds like gooooood watchin’.

The Five Games from the 2010 Tournament You Should Rewatch…NOW

Let’s be honest: The NCAA Tournament had hit a little bit of a late-decade rough patch before 2010. From the 2006 Final Four blowouts straight through to North Carolina’s romp through the field in 2009, there wasn’t a whole lot of memorable action (Mario Chalmers’ three and Stephen Curry, notwithstanding). Continue reading

Every Game Counts…Week 11

In my neverending quest to rail against the BCS, I am calculating week-by-week how many games this college football season really “count” (as in, influence the national title picture).

After 10 weeks, 105 of the 120 FBS teams cannot make the BCS championship (a refresher on my criteria), including up-until-recently unbeaten Utah. We can start breaking it down a little more now that we’re reducing the field.

Teams Who Can Afford a Loss:

These are teams that are undefeated in a BCS conference or who have one loss while having started the year in the Top 10 (and so can conceivably, like LSU in 2007, make the title game with two losses). I’d like to point out how lenient I’m being here. The way this season is going, Alabama and Ohio State are likely the only schools on this list that could make the title game with a loss. Furthermore, we’re getting to the point where we have to mathematically consider whether it is even conceivable for a team to make it with two losses (looking at you, Virginia Tech).




Ohio State


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