Louie Louie Louie: Moving

As Season Two of Louie continues on FX, John S and Josh will be offering NPI readers their reactions to each episode. At the end of the season, they will rank the episodes. Get excited.

Josh: “Moving” is the most focused episode of the season so far, following Louie as he tries to find a new apartment. My favorite scene was when Louie goes to his accountant to see if there is any way he could afford the $17 million house despite only having $7,000 is savings. What I like best about this scene is Louie’s glimmer of hope that the transaction could somehow be structured in some way to make it feasible.  This season we’ve seen Louie at his most forthright and grounded (most notably in his interaction with Janice), but this is Louie at his complete opposite, in a state between naïveté and delusion. The homeless man swap scene (where two men exit a car, take a homeless man off the street and replace him with another homeless man) is Louie at its most absurd. This scene perhaps just serves to be the apex of his own currently absurd situation: looking at an apartment with a toilet in the kitchen,* while his friend cooks the mostly-naked old male occupant of the apartment a single egg. Regarding the stand-up, I generally enjoy Louie’s “meta” material, but the bit on mentioning whether the passenger was an Orthodox Jew took a bit too much time with little payoff.

*I remember once, as a young child, seeing a toilet in the kitchen in an infomercial and getting quite excited about it. 

John S: “Moving” was definitely the best episode of the season thus far (though there’s obviously still plenty to go). Part of its greatness was due to what Josh pointed out: Though it was the most focused episode of the season, it also ran the gamut of different Louie styles of humor. The homeless man swap was a brilliant piece of absurdist humor, and the tour of the fantasy home (whose only previous occupant was Lenny Bruce) was a great look at the mind of middle aged single dad—a source humor that C.K. has done so much with. There was also the realism typical of Louie in the scene where he tours apartments, and capped by the brilliant scene with his accountant: If the only joke of the episode had been C.K.’s deadpan delivery of, “What about Obama?” that would have been enough for me. But “Moving” was not only the funniest episode of the young season, but it also balanced the show’s poignancy, showing a father going to the point of self-delusion to please his daughters. Episodes of Louie that manage to tie the humor and absurdity to something to sad and real are what makes the series great, and “Moving” did that perfectly.

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