Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Rivals, Week 4 Power Rankings

“‘D-Day’ means we drop every bomb we have and we kill everyone in sight.” —Wes


“The entire ‘D-Day’ plan was idiotic from the get-go.” —Evelyn



Should the fact that this week’s power rankings are a day late be taken as an indictment of this week’s episode? Of course not. With that said, this wasn’t exactly an episode for the history books.* It centered on the dominant alliance’s** plan—christened “D-Day” by Wes—to send Adam/C.T. into the Jungle. With only a few male eliminations left before the final challenge, they were desperate to get rid of the best team.

*You know, the history books with a chapter entitled “Competitive Reality TV Programming.”

**For those keeping track, the dominant alliance includes Kenny/Wes, Johnny/Tyler, and Evan/Nehemiah.

This D-Day plan—which, despite Wes’ description, did NOT involve bombing or killing everyone in sight—involved having last week’s winners, Evelyn/Paula, set the order so that Adam/C.T. would go first and Evan/Nehemiah would go last. Since going first is a disadvantage, the thinking was that Adam/C.T. wouldn’t be able to dominate, and eventually another team would beat their time. Once this was guaranteed, Evan/Nehemiah would DQ on purpose so that they would get sent into the Jungle, leaving Adam/C.T. to get voted in by the mob.

Evelyn expressed some serious reservations about angering C.T., but eventually they agreed to the plan, setting the order as requested. The challenge was another pretty good one by MTV’s standards: The teams had to crawl across a row of hammocks suspended over the water. The biggest problem seemed to be that the hammocks were too far apart for the girls, meaning that every female team disqualified. Some DQed for falling (Paula, Jenn), some for not participating (Katelynn), and some for not doing it in the required 15 minutes (Cara Mara/Laurel), but nobody ended up winning the $2000 cash prize.

For the guys, though, it was much more competitive… for most people. Kenny continued his string of mishaps this season by falling into the water almost immediately, throwing a wrench into the D-Day plan. In the end, Evan/Nehemiah not only did not throw the challenge, but ended up with the fastest overall time. Unfortunately, though, they were DQed for touching three hammocks at once, making Johnny/Tyler the winners. If you were shocked that Adam/C.T. didn’t even finish in second, then you were not alone…

Now, once Johnny/Tyler won, you might have thought that Operation D-Day could go forth almost as planned: With Kenny/Wes going into the Jungle thanks to their DQ, all the mob had to do was vote Adam/C.T. into the Jungle. But people apparently did not have the same confidence in Kenny/Wes that they had in Evan/Nehemiah. I don’t really get that, but that’s what the thinking was.

I would have loved to see C.T. volunteer for the Jungle in an attempt to send Wes home, but that idea wasn’t even entertained. The mob instead voted in Brandon/Ty. Based on Ty’s track record, I can’t really blame them.

Unlike the main challenge, the elimination challenge was awful. As I keep saying, the most compelling part of this season will be seeing these teams attempt to work together. Based on how Kenny hadn’t been performing, and how much he and Wes resent each other, it would have been pretty interesting to see an elimination challenge that forced them to work together. Instead, we got essentially an individual challenge. And not even an interesting one: It was basically no different than the rope-climb you did in your high school gym class.

Kenny failed once again, but Wes made up for it, sending Brandon and Ty home, and inflating Wes’ ego even more.

And now let us set aside childish things and rank:

Eliminated: Brandon/Ty

I’ve always liked Brandon, and I was just starting to come around on Ty.

10. Jasmine/Jonna (+1): It’s always nice to see a team not vote with the mob. It makes people like Wes so mad…

9. Katelynn/Sarah (-1): Katelynn wouldn’t participate in this week’s challenge because it involved heights and water. Good thing those are so rarely part of the challenges…

8. Leroy/Michael (-1): The newbies were hoping that a Brandon/Ty win would alter the power dynamic in the house, but if Leroy/Michael had just stuck with Brandon/Ty and voted together for someone else, they might have had the numbers anyway.

7. Jenn/Mandi (-1): It looks like Mandi has some competition for C.T. now that Laurel thinks “his d*** is a decent size.”

6. Kenny/Wes (-1): It’s bad enough that Kenny is struggling, but that it’s only feeding Wes’ ego makes this team insufferable.

5. Evan/Nehemiah (+5): A strong performance (despite the DQ) lifted some of my doubts about this team.

4. Evelyn/Paual (-2): Did these two alienate Adam and C.T. with their order?

3. Johnny/Tyler (—): These two are humming along, as I predicted.

2. Cara Mara/Laurel (+2): These two seem to be getting along, and they were the only two to finish the challenge.

1. Adam/C.T. (—): These two are getting closer. C.T. claimed that he’ll get Adam to call him his friend “even if I have to beat it out of him.”

5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sal on July 15, 2011 at 2:59 PM

    The D-day idea of ‘taking someone out before the final’ has never made one lick of sense to me. You can’t win the challenge in the Jungle, you can only win the Jungle at the final challenge. If Evan can beat CT in the Jungle why doesn’t he just beat him in the final challenge then? You only stand to lose in the Jungle. The absolute best thing to do is always avoid an elimination round.


    • Posted by John S on July 15, 2011 at 3:06 PM

      In theory, I agree with you: The only way to ensure you won’t be eliminated is to never go into an elimination. With that said, there are some situations that call for it. This season’s core alliance knows that as long as Adam and CT are around, one of them will be out of the final challenge (since only 3 teams go). So there is a sense that Evan is “doing it for the alliance.” Previously, we’ve seen alliances crumble in the face of a dominant player or team, like Wes’ alliance in Fresh Meat II, so preventing CT from getting there could be helpful.


  2. […] seems that the moronic “D-Day” plan from two weeks ago did not die with its initial failure—the Wes/Johnny/Evan alliance put it in […]


  3. Posted by go2b me on July 30, 2011 at 5:27 PM

    Wes did not beat Brandon the first time. Watch it again in slow motion. I don’t think it was fair to send them home.

    The Real World sucks. They kept Wes for ratings.


  4. Posted by james Schneider on August 18, 2011 at 1:39 AM

    Yeah, not putting Evan/Nehemiah last was a huge oversight, since they were never going to beat CT.


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