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Let’s Get Physical

There’s a tendency in sports analysis — and maybe it’s just because it’s football season now that I think it’s especially true in football — to attribute any and all mistakes to poor decision-making. There are no physical errors; only mental ones.

Take Jacoby Jones’ muffed punt in the Texans’ loss to the Ravens. Jones was excoriated not for failing to properly secure the kick, but for even trying to do so. It was an “inexcusable” mistake, akin to “driving a car on the freeway in the wrong direction and once he realized it he sped up to get to the next exit (which would actually be the on ramp) and while changing lanes had a head-on collision.” His “gaffe” is defined as “opting to field a punt that took several bounces in front of the fifth-year veteran at the Texans’ 13 and not being able to handle the football.

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